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Can a Bypass fail to work?

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    Hi, I have lost 4 stone, but now my appetite has returned and I have gained 3 pounds. Does anyone know if there is a support line I can phone, my next appointment with Shaw Sommers is on May 17 and I am scared that I will have put on more weight by then. I am eating healthy food, but large amounts.

    I am devastated and feel as if I have let everyone down. Is it possible that my surgery hasn’t worked somehow???



    It is easy to stretch the size of your new pouch to enable it to take more food, this is why you are supposed to learn the art of potion control and only dish up a small amount of food and only eat three meals a day, if you dish yourself a large plate of food the temptation will be there to try and eat just a bit more, and then before you know it you are eating more than you should or need and the weight will creep back up. Go back to step one and only dish up a ramacin of food and no more, or some people even recomend going back to the pre op liquid diet to re train your self.

    Bypass is not a quick fix, you have to work withit or else it can fail.



    Hi Rose

    First of all, don’t panic it happens, I put on 4 pounds over christmas but, the wonderful thing about WLS is it’s a tool that helps you lose the weight again, unlike pre-op when trying to get even an ounce to move was a nightmare. I’ve found that if you go back to smaller portions and up the exercise it soon shifts again and you get back on the right path. Go over your info again and, if your really worried keep a food diary for a week or two so you can see where the problem is.

    Don’t panic Rose it happens, you didn’t say when you had your op, I’m over a year now since mine and the weight lose has slowed but it’s steady now, despite the odd blip.

    Take care and don’t forget we’re here for you.



    Hi Rose,
    I agree with all Lesley says, I am just over the year post bypass and I have the odd blip, put on a couple of pounds but if I knuckle down it soon comes back off again. I go to Weight Watchers every week now as I have to work at loosing the weight and I find that I can keep control of what I am eating and my portion sizes by writing everything down and I am haveing a steady weight lost now about a pound a week though this week I am expecting a little weight gain as I am away in Devon at my son.s and I am not so in control of what I am eating but I also know that I can’t over eat (I know my limits) don’t what the embrassment of foaming or dumping lol.
    Bypass is a great tool that you have been given not a quick fix so work with it not against it and I am sure if you cut your portion sizes down you will get back on track.
    Elaine xx


    Hi Rose

    Unfortunately we women can fluctuate by a couple of pounds in a DAY!!!

    Don’t panic but take back control as soon as you can. Paul is right, with enough persistence, it is possible to stretch the pouch so try to take a deep breath, accept that you will make the odd mistake (we are HUMAN) then just move on. Do NOT beat yourself up over it. Wls is the tool you must learn to master – not the other way round. We are all here to help you and know exactly how you feel.

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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