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bypass experiences (good & bad)

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    Hi guys, i am new to this website so hope i am doing this right. I had a gastric band op in 2009 and was very successful (lost 7 stone), i became pregnant last year and had the band slackened (resulting in 4 stone weight gain!) I went back to have the band tightened 6 weeks after having my baby to find that the band had slipped! I was admitted to hospital in april to have a relocation of the band, unfortunately this went wrong and after 3 months of severe pain, inability to eat i discovered that i had a massive infection, my stomach was leaking and the band had fused to my stomach, thankfully guy slater was on hand to remove the band and deal with subsequent problems. 2 weeks in hospital later and i am free of the band. Having no restiction was a scary prospect so i spoke to my GP about applying for bypass surgery, this was thankfully successful which is great but i have to admit after all i have been through i am more than a little worried about the surgery. My mum and my aunt have both had successful bypasses but a friend of mine (not through streamline!) had a very very bad experience and almost lost her life. So I am asking if people could please tell me their bypass experiences (good and bad!) so i can go into this with my eyes wide open to the things that may wait ahead for me, thank you everyone x x

    ruby tuesday

    What a time of it you have had, and I hope you and your child are well now. My bypass was 7 weeks ago, 2 1/2 stone lost from my starting weight of 15 1/2 stone, and other than some discomfort when eating due to pineapple juice intake which did not agree with my insides, all went well, and that has now gone too. I am now starting to get more normal food in, and happily chucking out clothes like mad, and pulling smaller ones out of storage! I cannot fault Streamline, or Mr Summers who was my surgeon, and am happy I made the decison to go ahead. Having lost all my weight before myself but then putting it back on 3 years ago, I am looking forward to getting back to the size I was, with the knowledge that I cannot eat too much, and just don’t think I would have felt that was acheiveable without the surgery.


    thank you ruby, wow 2 1/2 stone in 7 weeks that that is fantastic, like you i now have lots and lots of smaller clothes in storage from my previous weight loss and must admit when i dig them out they do inspire me to go for it, as i say just feeling scared about the surgery and possible complications, especially with a baby to look after but i am sure it will be fine, i have confidence in my slater, just hope i can request him to do the bypass too x


    Hi Katie

    You have had a rough time of it following your pregnancy, poor you. I had my bypass surgery on May 16th and am now nearly 5.5 stone lighter. My reason for the surgery was mainly to be able to be active with my twin daughters aged 2.5yrs. I’ve had very little in the way of complications following my surgery, but have had times when my energy levels have dipped into my boots – mainly due to running around after two little ones and working full time…oh and trying to keep up with my cycling mad husband!! lol Having taken my dietician’s advice and upped my protein and carb intake, i’m doing just fine now. Been on 30 mile bike rides something i wouldn’t even considered before my op.

    I regularly attend a support group, and am inspired by those around me. I’ve heard very little in the way of complications from the 10+ or so people who are regular attenders so complications do seem to be rare. You don’t say where you live, so i’m not sure if there is a support group near to you, but if you can attend one I’d think you’d be surrounded by people who can share their experiences with you which may offer you some reassurance.

    Tinks xx


    Hi Katie ,

    Welcome to the forum . Think it’s really wise to go in with your eyes wide open and I guess it’s scary also knowing someone who’s had a bad time . I am 9 weeks ish post bypass and I haven’t weighed since my 6 wk check which I’d lost 20 kg – must be more now !! I have gone from size 30 to 20-22 now and feel fab and my two toddlers certainly love my new found energy . I took a bit longer to bounce back because I had 2 little ones to care for prob around 3 weeks -4 weeks to feel normal again . And the only other thing I have had a fair bit of hair loss but would not change my decision for anything . I’m really pleased .

    Katherine . X

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    thank you katherine. I am primarily doing this for myself and for my health but a huge advantage i am hoping to gain is like you to have more energy to run round and play with my little one and to have a healthy long life to watch him grow into a man – luckily he is only 8 months at the moment so wont be running round parks and playing on bikes etc for a while yet. 20kg in 6 weeks!!!!! OMG that is absolutely fantastic you must feel amazing! I dont know how you can resist the urge to weigh yourself at home to see how much more has come off. When i lost the 7 stone and just before i became pregnant i felt brilliant, i was going to the gym 5 days a week for about 2-3 hours per session and loving it, i gained a whole new group of friends from there who were very encouraging, just keeping everything crossed that i will feel like that once again! x As for the hair loss i have been suffering from that for a long time due to the poor diet i was having when my band had slipped as i literally could not eat anything except for chocolate buttons (anything else would make me sick!) and drinking milk to ease the constant indigestion, at one point i got so bad that i couldnt even swallow my own salivor as that would make me sick too, thats when i was taken in through a & e for my repositioning, but that too went wrong, just hoping that i have had my fair share of bad luck with ops now and the next one will be a huge success (keeping everything crossed!) x


    hi tinks, well done on your weight loss, its brilliant to hear so many posotive responses to this. I know what you mean about the lack of energy i used to suffer like that too with the band from time to time, but to be honest with the weight gain i am like that now too but with the added aches and pains! I live in gravesend (north west kent), how did you find out about your local support group, would be brilliant to meet and chat with people who have gone through this, as my mum has had a bypass too i think she would enjoy meeting and supporting others as well x


    Hi Katie,

    Welcome to the forum.
    I had my bypass 20th October last year and today was back at the hospital for a check and I have lost 9st. I was losing around a stone a month for the first 6 months then it slowed down then in June I lost my Dad and that was a glitch not able to eat without being sick so just went back to drinking milk and that worked for me. Between 4 & 6 months I lost a lot of hair, but had already discussed this with my hairdresser so was using Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner with the desired results. I am no longer on any medication and my bloods are all normal. I am type 2 diabetic, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, I was taking 12 tablets a day now NONE. Was walking with a stick and not anymore, now running around playing football with my Grandchildren.
    Downsides……. I keep buying new clothes, but then I need them cos I am going down in size. I was a 28/30 now 16/18 so very pleased just wish I had done it sooner.
    It is a rollercoaster of a ride with your emotions but in my humble opinion it is well worth it.

    Good luck with your decision
    Look forward to following your progress.


    Hi Katie
    Well its been 20 months since I had my bypass so I will try to remember the good and bad points of having the surgery!
    Bad points:
    Gallstones – quite common when losing weight quickly – I ended up with them, suffered a lot and had my gall bladder out 10 months after the bypass. Whereas the bypass was done keyhole and I receovered well, the gall bladder was open surgery and I took a long time to recover.
    Hating food – yes strange as it sounds, for someone who used to love food I found in the first 6 months after surgery I HATED food because I couldn’t find anything with taste – my taste buds had disappeared. I knew things had got bad when I found myself putting Worcester Sauce on porridge to make it taste of something! I also found it hard not eating and drinking together – it does get easier.
    Eating out – going out for a meal seemed pointless cos I couldn’t eat alot. I took a tupperware with me to bring most of the meal home for another time.
    Loose skin – losing a lot of weight can prodiuce loose skin – you can exercise to tone up but be prepared for saggy bingo wings!
    Hairloss – this is quite common too – for someone who had quite thinck hair to suddenly find it coming out in handfulls was worrying. Again this settles down but new hair growth will be completely different to what your hair used to be like.
    Good points:
    An eight stone weight loss! Most of this was in the first 9 months and by your second year you might stop losing completely. This is normal as your body ajusts to its new eating habits. You may even put a bit of weight back on. Again this is normal. It does not mean you have failed.
    Clothes – being able to shop in most high street shops and supermarkets instead of the outsize shops. This is great although I’m more fussy now about shopping for clothes than I was before I lost the weight!
    Energy – obviously losing a lot of weight is going to increase your energy levels and fitness in general. As someone who used to hate walking even for 100 yards becuase of back ache and ankle ache, to be able to walk for miles without thinking about it is great. Its like being given a new lease of life.
    Feeling like a normal person – society tends to view overweight people as “freaks of nature” and to be able to walk down the street withoiut people staring and pointing is the greatest feeling.
    Blood pressure – for the first time in my life I have normal BP!

    Before I had my bypass I seriously thought I would end up in a wheelchair. Because I had the surgery that will not happen. If you have any doubts at all about having the surgery then that is normal. Do your reseacrh by all means but if you want your life back….go for it. Its the best thing I have ever done.


    Hi Katie
    Guy Slater did my bypass through Streamline in March 2011 and although I’m having a few problems eating meat & fish I don’t regret having had it done and I’m sure I will eventually sort the eating bit out. I was quite shocked at how rough I felt straight after the op, I’ve had one before but was 18 at the time and it wasn’t so major but by the next morning I was fine and made a text book recovery according to Guy. I was well looked after by the team in hospital but feared going home as I was feeling a little worried about something going wrong but it didn’t and I consider I made a full recovery with no problems.

    I would go through it all again without a doubt 🙂


    I had my Bypass on the 28th February 2011. I started at 19St.11 and have lost 7 1/2 stone. I have to be very honest, the only downside I have experienced is hair loss between months 3 – 6. I follow the bariatric advice to the letter and have not, touch wood !!! experienced Dumping Syndrome. Introduce each food group back into your life post op, find out what works for you, as what works for one person might not for you. The upside is the fantastic weight loss you will experience, and for me…. my dream come true. I am 12 weeks pregnant, after being told for 3 1/2 years by fertility specialists I would never get pregnant because I was too fat. Now Im not, and I am eternally greatfull to Mr Chris Pring and his amazing team. Good Luck with your journey. Xxx


    Hi there

    Had my bypass three years ago but I still wake up every morning and can’t believe how lucky I have been.

    It hasn’t been plain sailing. Had to have another little procedure to loosen pouch entrance slightly as I was being sick too much but it took 20 mins under sedation and I was home within 2 hours. Hair loss is a nuisance but temporary but by far the biggest downside for me PERSONALLY is that I am always cold. I hate it with a passion. However, I would never go back!

    My whole life has changed. I now work (for Streamline), get out and about more, am healthier, happier and living. The biggest plus? All the new amazing friends I have made through the support groups. I’m never lonely anymore.

    Love Doodah xx

    ps I’ve lost 15 stones.


    Thanks for all your stories guys its lovely to of had so many responses. I have my pre-op on 25th Nov so excited! KristenG congratulations that’s fantastic news ! I am glad you have bought up that subject, when I lost my weight with the band I fell pregnant straight away after years of being told it would be difficult, I would love a 2nd child but feel too big now to do it but am wondering what complications if any there may be by getting pregnant after a bypass x


    It’s the best thing I’ve done! I am four and a half months post bypass and just a few pounds away from loosing 5 stone and am SO SO happy that I made this big decision. Good luck x


    hi,its lovely to read all your helpful new ,i start my milk diet on thurs for 7 days with op 17th!! i cant wait ….does any one know how much water u can drink a day ?its just i drink alot at the really does help reading other peoples experiences and suscess stories ….i am having bypass at chichester dr ping!!… on count down until thursday……

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