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Bread and dumping

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    Unfortunately you describe something that happens to just about every bypass patient. As Toni said hot fluids do help but you also need to remember that if you eat bulky foods like bread that you need to chew it really well and not eat too much nor drink with it. In fact everything you eat should be chewed really well, something we seem to forget as time passes. I am guilty of bolting my food down 3 years on but now after my revision I am back to square one and know that if I don’t eat slowly etc it’s my own fault.

    I had no problem with bread but could still not tolerate rice ???? Started to be able to eat meat at 2 and half years post op but we are all very different.

    Very rarely there is a medical reason why you stop losing weight, usually it is a case of looking at your diet again and realising that you have started to sneak in food that is high in fat and calories – we all do it! Alternatively, Denise, the dietitian told me to try the milk diet again for a week to see if I lost weight, I lost 4 kgs. Unfortunately I did need a revision due to a rare complication – I had this 2 weeks ago and have so far lost another 10kgs, this is on top of the 22st I originally lost.

    Do persevere – it’s well worth it in the end and try to get to a support group if there is one near you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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