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Blues Banding….

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    Im now home (got home late last night)…I was discharged early due to being mobile, walking about, went to the loo and ate some mashed banana and custard (mmm it was yummy)….

    Decided to come home instead of the campsite and motorhome….Now resting in my recliner chair….

    Glad its over….Bit of pain/discomfort, like ive been kicked and stabbed, but as long as I dont move too much it doesnt hurt too much.

    Hospital staff were amazing….Surgeon was excellent….Only one complication and that was with the morphine- I needed it, but kept throwing up from it…..but it was stablized after 6 different anti-sickness things.

    Glad to be home ….


    How im feeling this morning……..

    Bloody hurts dont it lol…discomfort and pain….belching and hiccups….straining my stomach to get up or lay down is arghhhh…

    And going for a wee….trickles out as im scared to push cos of my stomach hurting…

    The surgeon said my shoulder may hurt as the main muscle the band has been sown too is affiliated to my shoulder? – Well feels like ive had a bus run over both shoulders lol

    BUT…im coping…I tried sleeping in the bed last night, but ended up on the recliner chair in the front room as it was more comfier and kept me upright.

    Ive got my own pain relief, Tramadol & Pregabalin (for my fibromyalgia usually), So seeing as my fibro has flared a bit, and cos of the discomfort -a tramadol got me to sleep, and now ive woken up, ive taken both above, to last me for a good 5-6hrs -Hopefully!


    I understand you very well. The other double decker has run over my belly, definitellly! Have spent the night in ITU and am now in my room starting to walk around. Had a yogourt this morning and will have a soup later. Sore sore sore! Stacey was here to cheer me up and give me some good reommendations (this is full of nice people!!!). Otherwise all went well and am here ready to start working out this new avenue. Anyway good luck with yours Blue and keep in touch. Alvaro


    Seeing the lovely Stacey would cheer anyone up! Glad all is going well for you. The pain will soon be a distant memory

    Dodoah x


    So pleased to hear it all went well 🙂

    You’ll have to get use to the burping blue, it’s 1 of those side effects that doesn’t go away. My 7 year old, just laughs when i eat and then says ” make way mrs burpy is on her way ” lol. The shoulder pain can be very uncomfortable, but a little peppermint drink and a couple of burps and the pain will ease.

    You”ll be surprised at how well you’ll feel in another couple of days. But do remember not to push yourself too far too soon. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and i look forward to reading your progress.
    Best wishes
    Heidi 🙂


    The pain has eased somewhat, and its just discomfort im experiencing…But im calming it all with Tramadol……Had a mashed banana and custard for lunch and just had one of my homemade soups: Bacon, green pesto, potato, onions….mmmm was lush -But I certainly can feel the difference, couldnt eat half the bowl 🙂


    Pains easing a lot now….more tender and discomfort than anything.
    I finally slept on my right side last night…was nice.
    I skipped lunch as I went out for the first time today to a supermarket and to a garden centre….and you sure know it, as your belly gurgles for food…So im now eating late lunch and will have a late dinner…(dont worry I woke up late too as i went to bed late)….


    Good and band today….

    The Good – I got dressed, went to the supermarket and another furniture shop…walked about…felt good..
    The Bad – I over done it…belly was sore and tight…so made it back to the car, when my partner drove me home…

    The Good – Ate 3 meals today, Yogurt for breakfast, soup for lunch and…..mashed small light choices baked beans and mashed small jacket potato (took skin off)…
    The Bad – Ate all of it, and was eating faster and more….So my appetite is back

    Still sore on the stomach….waiting till Monday to pop to the GP’s surgery to get the dressings off…as im too scared to change them myself, incase I rip something…like the Steri strips….

    Apart from that…im upbeat…and my hunger/appetite is back on the brain…So its more mental fighting again!


    good to see you are settling !




    Hey Blue, glad your on the move, that tightness can feel quite painful but good to keep moving about,
    Those hunger pains will get more frequent until you get your first fill. I am waiting for mine on the 11th May and feel those hunger pangs. i too try to eat lunch later to satisfy me for longer, I usually eat a bananna late morning. Try drinking when you feel hungry as it does fill you up a bit, and try to avoid that snacking stage if you can, I am trying to just maintain my weightloss now ( 2stone with pre op)

    keep yourself busy too as it takes your mind off the belly hunger noises lol…..

    Its only one way forward for us now with out bands as our attetite friend 🙂



    Wow wow wow…too excited to type it all!….trying here lol

    Just came back from my Gps surgery….the nurse took my dressings off, and everythings looking good. Im glad I went to her, as not only was she overly excited about my gastric band, but she was so proud of me….Also when she took the dressings off, one of steri strips stuck to the dressing, so luckily I was there, she put new steri strips on and said that all my wounds are looking good, are healing but are bruised.

    THEN….She wanted to weigh me….and after she did, she was bouncing round the office telling me ‘Omg guess how much you have lost’ and I was like ‘tell me, tell me lol’

    Anyways…since I started this journey (I go from the first day of the pre-op diet when it comes to the weight start), on the 3rd April 2012 up until now…Ive lost…..

    18lbs(had to edit as I calculated wrong :()


    Blue that is bloody brilliant….. So pleased for you :). No celebrating with cake thou……. Lol

    Keep up the good work
    Heidi 🙂 .


    Thanks Heidi…Im over the moon!

    I celebrated with mashed banana and custard 🙂 x


    You little devil 🙂 lol



    YAY!!! Well done Blue. I’m so happy for you xxx

    Doodah x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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