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BBQ Season

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    Hi all

    BBQ season is coming if not here already! Just wanted to know what’s good to eat and drink at BBQ’s???



    Hi Emily,
    I have not had a BBQ yet but I will be doing fish on it and quorn stuff as that is low in fat and high in protein and I will be making my own beeefburgers and how about doing some fruit on it, as for drink have no idea apart from what I am drinking now which is water and sugar free squash.
    Hope you are well.
    Elaine xx


    Hi Elaine

    How was your post op??

    Quorn is a fab idea and I do homemade burgers anyway there so much better aren’t they! I wonder how ketchup would be??? Yeh I also drink water and squash there isn’t anything else is there..



    Hi Emily,
    Post op went great there really is nothing to worry about, they just weigh you and then you go and talk with the nurse and that is about it. You can know get reduced sugar tomato ketchup and HP sauce and as long as you don’t have to much they should be ok.


    Hi Emily and Ganny

    We had our first bbq a couple of weeks ago, not a great success for me, all I had was a chicken drumstick and it came straight back up again, mind you the kids enjoyed themselves so that’s all that counts.

    I am thinking of doing fish on the next one, as I seem to be all right with fish just got to get some good receipes for bbq’s, does anyone have an suggestions?

    Just got my second appointment for chichester today, anyone going up on 16th June?

    Take care

    sonia kidman

    Hi All

    We have had loads of BBQ and I have been having a little fish and home made mini burgers and asda do a great chicken very thin with little garlic sauce which are great and have stayed down very well.
    I had a little red sauce but made me foam.
    Hope that helps
    p.s the best fish is a trout or sea bass taste wonderful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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