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BBC Horizon – The truth about FAT

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    Hello everyone,

    Did anyone see tonights episode of Horizon on BBC, it was very informative.
    I thought it was excellent, and just goes to show it is NOT MY FAULT that I am pre disposed to be FAT!
    Seriously though, if you can get it on BBC iPlayer or similar, have a look at it.

    Thats all folks.!


    I watched it too. I also thought it was excellent: a huge stride forward to dispelling the nasty myth that all fat people are lazy, greedy, thick and pitiful ;-))

    Doodah x


    BBC Two – Horizon, 2011-2012, The Truth about Fat

    Here is the link for anyone who didn’t see it: pinched from Streamline’s facebook page 😉

    Doodah x


    I wastched about 1/3 of it before falling asleep. What I did see was fantastic though (me falling asleep is quite normal when I put something REALLY interesting on – rather frustrating as it takes me days to get though a 60 minute program). I’m looking forward to seeing the rest (I recorded it thankfully).

    It’s just a shame that we now can’t all say we are fat due to our genes as people who have never encountered fattness in their lives will say it’s just another excuse. At least we know better now.


    Brilliant documentary with fascinating insights into the ‘obese’ brain! I have recommended a watch to all of my friends and family and will be putting a link on my blog. It’s so nice to see some proper, evidence based research into hormonal changes and genetic links to obesity.
    K x


    Thanks for posting link I saw it was on halfway through it and was gutted I’d missed . Will check it out .

    Katherine .

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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