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Band Types and Capacities

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    Im confused by gastric bands!

    On my discharge note It says I have a:
    Allergan Lapband (Small) beneath 15ml

    When I asked the nurse after my surgery what capacity band I had, she said a 16ml Allergan.

    When I asked the Surgeon later when he came to discharge me, he said a 10ml Small Allergan.

    So Ive done some investigations online…and Allergan lapbands come in two sizes…

    There are two LAP-BAND® models:
    AP-Small (APS) maximum fill capacity of 10cc. Used in about 70% of gastric band cases
    AP-Large (APL) maximum fill capacity of 14cc. Used in bigger, heavier patients

    Which still makes it confusing as if I have a small band, that would be the 10cc like the surgeon said, but why does it say beneath 15ml making it sound like the 14cc large band that I have? hmmmmm confuzzled!


    Hi Blue,
    Welcome back, don’t worry about your band size too much it really doesn’t make any difference, but just for your info I have a small allergan 10ml and it’s doing a fantastic job although maybe a little too fantastic as I haven’t eaten very much since the last fill!! Take care of yourself during recovery and stick to the post op food rules, fluid-slush-mush-solid as its very tempting to rush through the stages.
    Love Nettie xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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