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Band pre-op update.

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    Hello everyone, and thanks for the support. I’m attending the taunton nuffield hos… My surgeon is mr richard welbourne,who i’ve been told is a leading surgeon in this field for my area…..

    (joanne) My appointment was about 2 1/2 hours, but i think an hour of ths was because the surgeon was running late. Started with a question sheet to fill in. Then off to the nurse who was lovely, she explained what would happen when i come in. She then took my height, weight, blood pressure, ecg, measured my legs for support stockings…( not the type i’m used too…… Lol)… Some blood and finally a wee sample…. All very painless, as the others have said. From there i went to speak to dietician, talked about the weeks after, given lots to read….. Talked about changing my habits….. Etc etc. Then we got onto the milk diet….. Oh, dear…. Not looking forward to that, but TOTALLY understand i HAVE to do it….. But i do have a question for all thse who have been here before me… I was been given a food sheet, (which i will read again, and again) , but there was no mention of the slimfast, which i understand you can do instead of food. So can someone tell me how that works please……. Anyway after all that i saw a consultant for the hos, to make sure i was ok. They took photos, the before shots…. And then parted with some money. Cup of tea , (for the shock of seeing £7500 leave our savings account), then to the surgeon…. He went throu my forms, asked if i had looked into bypass, then went throu some figures for the unfortunate ones who have problems… My head was buzzing at this point. He then asked me to lie on bed so he could check my stomach…. And that was that…. Hope that all helped joanne, sorry to go on, but it was all very friendly. And although i’m doing this privately, i’m sure the nhs would be the same.

    Decided to tell my friends today, as i have planned a lunch with them…. I think it might be too much to ask for everyone to be happy for me, but we’ll see…. I’m the happy fat friend, and have never had any other role… Watch this space.

    Sorry this is such a long thread, guess this is my new diary for the next few days. (be warned)
    Thanks for your support.


    Hi Heidi

    Loved this – very comprerhensive round up of a general pre-op appointment (although they obviously vary from surgeon to surgeon etc)

    I really hope your friends will be genuinly happy for you. If they are not: find new ones who will be!!

    Doodah x

    ruby tuesday

    Heidi, if you need to post daily, feel free, always someone here for you! Don’t understand about slimfast, did you think you would be needing it? Is that because you have read about having protein shakes to supplement food, because they do that in the States post-bypass, but not usually recommended here, and I know you are having a band anyway. xx


    Hi ruby
    To tell you the truth, i think i’ve read so much from lots of different sites, it’s all alittle mixed up in my head. I know i was told or have read that you could take the slimfast shakes on the liver diet. Then i was handed stuff last night which was basically a very low fat/low carb sheet. Which was slice of toast with scrapping of marg…. Slice of bread + 2eggs (not fried)… Evening meal was small piece of meat/fish , 1 potato and veg or salad ( no dressing) you can also have 1 low fat yog and 2fruits throughout the day. I dont want to phone them, cos i dont want them to think i’m stupid…. Then everyone on here talks about the milk diet……. (Confused . Com) if you take the shakes to replace the food…. How many ?

    I cant get this wrong, cos i cant risk getting on that table and my liver getting up to shake his hand as he goes in…… What did you do on an average day?

    Just on overload at the mo…. Need a little tlc…


    Hi Heidi,

    Thanks so much for all the info on pre-op appointment. I’am also having mine done privately with Mr Slater at Chichester. I have my pre-op on the 12th Oct and my band fitted the 8th of Nov so i think i’am 2 weeks after you. It is all a little daunting. i’m also worried about the milk diet,i dont drink a lot of milk. Do you have to do a low fat diet aswell?



    Hi joanne
    So pleased the pre-op was of some help. They really were lovely, and dont look at you like you dont belong.

    As for diet , well if you read the above you will guess i’m alittle confused. So i guess i will just make a call tomorrow and get it straight in my head. No-one from the hospital has ever said ‘milk diet’ to me…. But on here you read it all the time. As i said above i was given a sheet with examples of each meal. All very low in fat and carbs…. But i had it in my head i could follow the slimfast plan…… 2shakes and a w/w evening meal. But i think i’ve got it wrong.. When you say milk diet, is it what it says on the tin….. Just milk/yogs….. How much do you take ? Do you know .?

    Like you said daunting…..
    I’ll keep you posted with my confussion, unless someless comes along and puts it all right for me….. Lol … Where’s john when you need him…lol.


    Just an update on my confussion…… It’s either very low fat/carbs for 12days or i can have 4 slimfast shakes……. So i’m sorted, just need to do it now. This is my last weekend with the normal takeaway….. Quite pleased really, it’s funny how as a family we have turned into ‘saturday takeaway’ every weekend without really realising……

    Something that did make me smile was lunch with my friends….. Told them about my op… And was really pleased with their reactions. All very happy for me. I was waiting for the ‘what do you want to do that for ‘ or the ‘just diet and exercise more….’, But it really didn’t go that way and i was very nervous about telling them…. Happy days.



    HI guys
    I’m due to have my band fitted at chichester on monday I only had to do the diet for 1 week and failed each day had a small nibble but as I knew that there was also a low fat/carb diet as well think should be ok. I have had really bad headaches all the time since not eating, so just a warning to you as you may experience this as well as it happened last time I had to do the milk diet. I had a band fitted last year but unfortunatly it has got a leak so I have got to have it looked at & replaced next week.
    I hope you all manage well and have a great out come.


    Rosie Posie

    Hi Heida
    All surgeons work different some tell you to use slimfast other very low fat diet. Go by the sheet they gave you. I never heard of the milk diet. I followed a low fat sheet they gave me soup yogurt custard. My liver was well shrunk. The reason for it is to shrink the liver as it makes the op easier. Good luck Rosie x


    Hi Heidi,
    Can’t believe this has all come round so quick for, it seemed ages away when we first started talking, the milk diet is the way that Streamline Surgical ask their patients to shrink their livers but as said by others each surgeon has their preferred method, and follow the excellent advice from Rosie of doing what your consultant wants you to do, I think I would have preferred the low carb option that you have detailed as I found the milk diet very very grim. (It is 4 pints of semi skimmed milk, 1 pint of sugar free jelly, 1 salty drink and 1 ltr of water every day, with absolutely nothing else!!)
    I had my second fill on Thursday, all is looking good, the weight is coming off slowly but that is to be expected until they find my”sweet spot” hopefully it wont be long now as already have 5mls in my band.
    If there is anything you need to ask then feel free to PM me, I’m trying hard to check the forum everyday now – promise.
    Enjoy your last weekend of food freedom.
    Lots of love
    Nettie xx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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