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bag packing for hospital

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    I know its only July tomorrow, but I am pcking my bag for hospital in August.
    I have had delivery this am of the anti- ageing face and body cream.:flypig::bathbaby: I know I
    I may have different priorities to others. I once read there are no wrinkles in an inflated balloon so I am trying to cover my tracks. thats in the bag.
    I have put the last Harry Potter book in the bag. I bought it when it first came out but could not read it knowing there would be no more.
    My nail varnish, to replace the colour when I come round from the op.
    Some new card desaigns to make in hospital.
    Thats it for now

    Lindy Loo

    Ms Ellie

    :laugh::laugh: Lindy Loo you are to organised my love!


    Lindy Loo, you wont be reading !! First 2 days will not make much sense other than talking to the other patients and day 3 you will be thinking about going home.
    Magazines are the best, doesn;t matter if you forget what you read 10 mins later but with a book it can get annoying 🙂
    You wont feel much like doing the body cream either as you wont be able to use it where the incision sites are.
    What you do need are:
    2 pairs pyjamas or nighties
    Washing bag with soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc
    Dressing gown
    Mouth freshener spray

    I also took:
    A childs beaker so that I could sip water while laying down
    A small stool to help me get in and out of bed cos I am really short (4’11”)
    A radio with ear phones so that I could listen in the night and it drowns out anyone that snores
    My mobile.
    ALso remember to ask the person taking you home to bring a pillow to hold over your tummy on the drive home.
    If I think of anything else I will add it later
    Love Lorraine


    Wow, that is very organised!

    I agree, don’t bother with a book, magazines are easier! Not sure about the nail varnish either – doubt you will feel much like doing that (and maybe the nurses would prefer you not to, but could be wrong bout that…). I slept most of the time, and watched a haze of TV none of which I can remember. Would recommend ear plugs to drown out snoring, and also suggest your mobile is on silent (I was woken up at 2.30am by a mobile alarm on at full volume…other patients not very happy at all, I just got the giggles about it!).

    Anyway, at least you have plenty of times to pack/re-pack/pack before you go…!:laugh:



    I took my ipod and was belting out rat pack numbers throughout the night (Aparently)


    Their really is very little time to get bored or stuck into a good book, your be sleeping on and off trying to catch up.

    But being prepaired is good. so I might add….hmmmmm either some cool spray or a little fan perhaps, considering it might be hot hot hot…

    Good luck..

    Buzz xx


    wow that is organised…I go in next wed and not even brought pyjamas yet 🙂

    i love the suggestions from people, like the childs beaker and a pillow for the journey home I would never have thought of that!

    good luck lindy loo, the time flies very quickly!!


    the pillow in the car is an essential! And the lip balm and breath spray. Cleansing wipes to freshen up with and a flannel for your first shower. I agree, don’t bother with the Potter tome, you won’t open it.
    you can put nail varnish back on after the op. I sent my husband out to get me some and said he could choose. he painted my nails a lovely metallic blue – to match his car, he said! you might struggle to do them yourself.


    That is soo sweet, you must be chuffed with him 🙂


    I have my op in less than a moth and just wondering what you guys found helpful for your stay in hospital, I dont want to go in looking like i have moved in but dont want my friend ( OH will be recovering from his bypass ) having to keep coming backward and forwards so anything you can think of please let me know. xx


    Hi Hannah
    Two pairs of PJs, dressing gown, slippers, book to read or mags, washing things, make up?, shower gel, lip balm, mobile phone, any tablets you are taking. Also if you do a search on the forums you will see lots of comments from other members. Good luck for your op x


    All our love and best wishes…….and a pillow for the journey home…….


    I found my i pod useful. Anything that makes you feel happy is what is needed.

    Good luck ##

    Irene xx


    Ive started packing for the 28th Feb, this is what I have so far:

    2 pairs loose pj’s
    thin dressing gown
    3 pairs of mahooosive knickers!
    ‘easy to slide on’ slippers
    baby wipes
    money for TV card
    shower gel/shampoo
    toothbrush and toothpaste:brushteeth:
    hairbrush and travel hairdryer
    empty carrier bag for dirty stuff
    fresh breath spray
    pen and notepad
    mobile phone and charger (to go in last of course)
    basic make-up (im vain!)

    Heard you dont take towels in as theyre provided. Have I missed anything or has anyone got any tips of things they wished theyd taken and didnt ???

    Julie xx:smile:


    I am taking all of what you are and deodourant (think that is how you spell it lol), lipsol, perfume and a puzzle book, but I am waiting for when you go in and come out to let me know lol.
    Elaine xx


    Lip balm is a must!! My lips were so dry when i was in there!! xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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