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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve recently addressed 2 of my bad habits, and it’s already helped me a lot….

    firstly, I used to eat alone in my bedroom, not at a dinner table


    secondly, I used to drink 3-4 cans of coke each day.

    Now, I eat like a normal person at a table (it’s not as terrible as I thought it would be lol), I’ve cut out coke completely (had terrible cravings for a couple of days, but it’s fine now). Also I realised that I was watching too much TV in the evenings and eating without even realising it, so I decided to take up knitting! I’m not too hot at the moment, but I reckon I may be able to produce the odd scarf or two after some practice!

    I have other bridges to cross before surgery, but these initial changes have made a big difference to me. I can change, and I will change!

    My question is, what bad habits did you have to address, and how hard was it for you?

    Muffin x


    Well done muffin! Mine was to not eat all the time whilst cooking, now since surgery its not an option!


    Well done you! I knit and found that I ate less when I was knitting or stitching as didn’t want to mess it up! Still going but not eating anymore as 5 months post op bypass. Good luck

    ruby tuesday

    Well done on dealing with those habits, and I am sure you will produce lovely scarfs! I turned to food for comfort when feeling down or ill, and post-bypass have learnt not to, dosn’t mean I never eat anything I shouldn’t, but food is not my instant answer to problems.


    Hi Muffin and welcome to the friendliest place in the world!

    I am SO impressed with you. You are already making fabulous positive changes which show remarkable determination to make the surgery work for you. I reckon you will do brilliantly 😉

    My bad habit was either bingeing or starving: never just eating a normal amount. It was quite literally all or nothing. I have learnt that small regular meals are the key to losing and maintaining weight. I have social media useful as you can’t type or skype whilst eating! It also helps me to keep in touch with the friends and family who have supported and encouraged me over the past 3.5 years. I also go out a lot: cinema, concerts, theatre…SHOPPING! The support group I attend is also a key to success. They have become true friends on whom I can rely to help me in any hour of need!

    WELL DONE Muffin. The first step on your journey has been a leap!!

    Doodah xx


    Mine was eating to fast not noticing when I was full just eating till gone! And also when offered something I always said yes even if I didn’t really want so learnt to say no!
    Working on a few others! At the moment before next hospital app in feb.
    I am new as well so be good to reflect of others!
    Good luck xxxx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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