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    Hi you lovely people. How are you all doing?

    Have not long got back from my annual leave in the Austrian Tyrol. Surprised to say that despite eating cake every day, I only put on 2lbs!! Mind you, I did walk about 10 miles a day up and down mountains – well mainly down to be honest as I will never be that fit!

    The altitude in Austria eases my joint pain and the air gives my poor old lungs a rest so I feel invincible when I am there.

    Please have patience with me as I catch up on all your news. I have thought about you all while I’ve been away and even felt a little guilty at being so naughty food wise haha! But not enough to stop me lol! That’s what ‘normal’ people do right? Wls has made that happen for me. i can go on holiday, eat what I like, have a wonderful time but still be in total control. Gotta love it eh?

    Doodah x


    Hi Doodah,
    Been a while since I popped in to see how every one was doing. Last time I was on here I was just about to go to Germany to see my son, his wife and my two beautiful grandchildren. First off NO extension on the seat belt on the flight and like you I put on 3lbs while I was away but have since lost that and a little more but I can now say I am officially half the woman I was two years ago with a weight lost of now over 12 stones and yippee havinging to buy a size 12/14 top and size 14 dresses and jeans (still can’t quite get my head around that). I managed to put some weight on last week as I hit the comfort eating and Mr Chocolate reared his ugly head but he has been banished again and I am now back in control and expecting to have lost it again this week. Why is it that we get a major drama happen in our lives ( my lovely daughter in law had major surgery, she donated one of her kidneys to her brother and she ended up really poorly for a while but is now on the road to recovery) that Mr Chocolate or some other naughty thing raises their head and bang we are off on the comfort eating again, but he is not going to get me spirialling out of control like he would have done in the pass, just a little blip but I have knocked him off my shoulder and I am back in control of what goes in my mouth. There is no way I am going to become a 25 stone woman again I am loving this new life I am leading to give it up to Mr Chocolate or who ever.
    I hope you had a really lovely holiday. xx


    Hi there! lovely to hear from you again and thrilled to bits to hear how well you have done! Congratulations!

    That old demon ‘head hunger’ can pop up at any time but at least we have our own ‘light sabre’ with which to beat him down – I’m a sci Fi nerd/geek so the light sabre reference might be lost on you haha! What I mean it that our wls is the tool/weapon we need to stay in control and defeat our own personal demons. Mine is cake – no surprise there then! But I managed to eat it every day in Austria (would be rude not to!) and only gain 2lbs. In the bad old days it would have been much much more.

    In my humble opinion, our demons raise their ugly heads in time of stress to test us basically. To test our resolve and courage. To test whether or not we are ‘worthy’ of our new lives and to try to regain control over us. But you know what, they only have the control we give them. Wls helps us to behave like a ‘normal’ person – eating food to stay healthy for 95% of the time and the other 5% for pleasure – not the other way round like it used to be.

    Well done you! You have conquered it. So keep your ‘light sabre’ to hand just in case and use it to fight your own battles when they arise – they always will. But now you are properly armed with the right tools/weapons, you may lose the odd battle but you will NOT lose the war.

    Doodah x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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