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    I all I’m now at harrow nice and early and having a coffee, awaiting my turn to see Elaine for a blood test and ECG in perpetration for my port replacement on Tuesday.

    Love John xxxxx


    All good at harrow blood pressure all good, blowing in the toilet roll was very good 750.. Whatever that means… Oxygen in blood good… And lost 2kilo since discovery of leak which I’m so pleased with … Now ready for op on Tuesday

    Love John xxxx


    Hi john
    Hope it all goes well tomorrow. It’ll be good to get things back to normal.

    Hugs heidi 🙂


    Good luck for today John xx



    Hi John,

    I’ve been following your thread and read that you had to replace your port. How did it go? Hope it all went well as planned.

    I found out yesterday that I’ve lost 4ml of water in my band in 2 weeks along with all restriction.

    How did you find out about the leak? Any advise?




    Hope John will be along soon to answer your question Mark.

    In the meantime, how about asking your team the same thing? Who did you have your surgery with and where?

    Doodah x


    Hi mark

    I noticed restriction got less after about a week from my last fill… Normally around 4/6 weeks. I contacted the clinic had the fill tested and wher I should have had 8ml I only had 5.. Dr put in another 2ml and arranged for an X-ray. This did not show the leak although I lost another 3ml. That set the dr talking to guy who arranged for he to visit Sudbury clinic and a date was set for the port to be replaced. I now have 6ml and next fill in around 5 weeks time to build back upto tfe 8ml which was very near to my sweet spot

    As doodah says contact you team. Who and where was it.

    John xxx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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