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    I’m so pleased you have your date now John, is there any reason you have chosen Harrow? Where abouts do you live if you don’t mind me asking?

    Please prepare yourself for some wobbles along the way, even though I had my date fixed I still had a few days during that waiting time that I almost changed my mind, it’s totally natural, try not to google too much, stay with this site and any others you trust but don’t go digging for stuff. Try reading the book Gastric Band and Beyond, fantastic easy read and makes all your concerns disappear and as you’re having a band like me feel free to ask me lots and lots of questions and talk to me about your concerns etc, only if you want to of course.

    Nettie xx


    Hi nettie.

    After my chat with guy I wanted to have the op there and then… The earliest date with guy was at Harrow, I live in Kent and about an hours train ride to central London then the rattler to the clinic at Harrow.

    If I wanted Chichester or back to Guildford I would have to waited until end of September.

    Guy answered all my questions that I could think of…. Like flying, scuba diving, not a problem with the band. I was thinking that guy would recommend the bypass but again after the chat the band suited… That’s a few bob saved!

    Just counting down the days now… I was wobbling a few weeks ago but I so have it in my head now I can’t wait.

    Do you know what ? Apart from the usual health advantages the one thing I can’t wait to do is walk along the beach without a top on (abroad that is) and get an all over tan I stead of just my face and arms.

    Cheers nettie


    ruby tuesday

    @Nettie 18295 wrote:

    Hey Ruby that is a fantastic loss xx

    OOps, misled you there by my wording – would be great if I had lost a stone, but actually the scales here are just wrong, as I found out last year when I bounded home, thinking with excitement that all the dog walking had worked! They are set on 0, but just plain wrong, but I seem to be craving sugar particularly badly at the moment, think I am making the most pre-op, but I know that is silly, hey ho!!

    ruby tuesday

    John, I think taking this earlier date wherever it meant travelling to was a great decision, it has been the waiting that has caused me wobbles, and having it done earlier would have been much better, so well done, and not long to go! I am being done on the 18th, so just a little before you, and yep, with you on the beach images, although all I hope for is not to feel so hot all the time, not revealing more!!

Viewing 4 posts - 121 through 124 (of 124 total)
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