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    My aunt had her leg amputated under local/epiduaral, she said she at least got to choose her own music and have a chat. Can’t imagine being brave enough to do that!! Its the sounds that would get to me!

    Ms Ellie

    Well, I am sure I spoke to a consultant a couple of years ago and we were chatting about my legs and the possibilty of surgery and I said that the general anaesthetic worried me he said you could have any surgery under a local/epidural.

    Toni Russo

    You can’t have an epidural or local for major surgery involving gut. Nothing really higher (on trunk) than a caesarean.

    Ms Ellie

    Thanks for that info Toni it was just something that interested me xxx


    Sorry ithis is not in the right place, but I would be interested in the opinion of people who have already had their bypasses as to whether the gall bladder should automatically be removed during the operation.
    I’m asking this because I have just had a miserable 2 weeks where, probably through my own stupid fault cos I ate too much bready stuff one day, I endured dry retching, diarrhorea, pain and, now officially diagnosed, gallstones.
    When I had my initial consultation I was told they usually remove the gall bladder during the bypass operation to prevent possible gallstones further down the line. When I came round from the op I still had mine!
    I now have to endure a possible further operation to remove my gall bladder in a few weeks time and I do feel a bit resentful that, if the gall bladder had been removed at the outset, I wouldn’t have had a miserable 2 weeks suffering. I would be interested to hear other people’s views on this/ Many thanks. Julie x


    I agree that ideally the gallbladder should be removed, but if the op is done keyhole (lap) it adds about an hour and a half to the op (as all the instruments have to be re-placed etc) considerably adding to the risk, so unless it has to be done (i.e. gallstones etc already a significant problem) I don’t think they would do it as the bypass is already major surgery in itself. However, with open bypass I think it is done more as standard (only adds a few more minutes to the op), but then with open the recovery time can be much longer.

    I also worry that I might need gallbladder surgery further down the line, but no choice but to deal with it if it happens.

    Good luck, will Mr Pring also do the gallbladder removal for you? That is my biggest worry, I have had no end of problems over the past few years, and really don’t want anyone but Mr Somers poking about in my insides if it comes to further surgery in that part of my body…

    Hope you get sorted out soon.



    hi hun
    yes i think they should automatically take it out.
    i had mine out with op but had been in hospital twice with billary colic.
    im so sorry your suffering cos i really do know how awful it is.


    hi sj
    if you need it out i would think youd have a gi surgeon do it.
    mr slater is one. x

    Toni Russo

    It’s not routinely done at bypass for the reasons stated above.


    Well I must consider myself lucky as I had my gall bladder out 30 years ago and in them days there was no laproscopic ops so it was major surgery.

    Funny I did ask the surgeon if I would get a reduced price for my by pass seeing has I didnt need it out and after reading above I now know why. Needless to say it did bring a smile to his face, but it was worth a try. LOL


    Hi everyone – thanks for your thoughts.
    SJ – no if I do have my gall bladder out it would be done at Eastbourne Hospital.
    Will keep you posted on what happens!


    I have 77 questions spinning. Here are a few if anyone can help.
    Do you remove the gall bladder and or appendix?
    Do you cut the acid producing nerve to prevent ulcers or prescribe antacids?
    Fo RNY do u separate the stomach pouch from the distal bypassed stomach?
    are complications covered in the price?
    Does my GP provide follow up care and how will they communicate with u particularly my long term care?

    Just a few like I said, but should I ask all of these 77 questions at the first consultation? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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    betty boo

    Hi I do know that they do not remove the gall bladder or appendix, the other questions i honestly dont know, however i would be interested to find out myself. I would ask all of the questions you can at the first consultation. I had my first consultation a month ago and spent an hour and a half chatting with the surgeon.


    ruby tuesday

    You should list your questions, and the surgeon will ask if you have any, so he is the best person really at this stage, but as far as the gall bladder goes, they do sometimes remove it at the same time if they suspect you may already have gall-stones, which are a risk of this surgery. best wishes, and no need to worry at all about your appointment, it will be unpressured. Look forward to hearing what you think afterwards. xx


    Thanks Ruby Tuesday. All questions are ready to be asked and I have a crib sheet. Cause I know I will forget some of the technical medical type questions. I started my own journal and have collected as much research material as possible so I think I am well prepared. The big question I think I’m going to be asked by the surgeon will be ‘why do you want this surgery?’ and I have read out my very longish answer to both my husband and a trusted friend. Talk about baring your soul and the response has been rather surprising for me. My friend was shocked that I had ‘felt’ this way and commented that she thought that I was soooooo confident that she never guessed how deep this all went. My dear hubby keeps telling me that I am not obese just a bit overweight, and hadnt noticed that I never ventured to the aeroplane loo when we went on holiday. They are so small, enough said. Maybe after tomorrow I will post the 77 questions and hope it helps others to formulate some of theirs. see ya

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 31 total)
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