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    Today I went to see a GP he was a locum, so he wasnt sure what the rules are, but he was happy to write me a referal letter, so I guess I just sit back and digest how I feel about things.
    Strangly enough I met someone today,just by chance who has had WLS, 2 yrs ago, and he doesnt regret it one bit, he did have a 2 year wait, but he was very positive, but like me he used food for emotional help,and he said he still struggles with that, its my biggest fear. ok I’ll ramble no more.
    I’m still unsure how I feel about this,still very unsure and undecided, but I thought it was worth seeing if I would even be considered, as I could never afford private treatment.


    Hi Penny,
    That is the first step well done on taking it. I to use to comfort eat that is why I put on weight and lost it and put it back on again and I must say that since my bypass the need sometimes to comfort eat has cropped up but I have managed to get pass it, one way is that I know I cannot eat chocolate or anything else that I use to turn to for the comfort without making myself ill and so I have found that I have had to turn to other things father than food. I have gone back to reading again and loosing myself in a book or I go for a nice long walk or swimming and 10 months post op it has worked for me so much so that I now know longer take anti depressants and I feel great about life and I don’t look upon food as comfort anymore and I hope it will be the same for you.
    Elaine xx


    Elaine, thankyou for taking the time to reply, I take anti depressants and find life pointless and very lonely most of the time, I have found life very hard for a very long time, and Ive lost my trust in others, so despite being lonely, I dont let people in, so Iam bound to be lonely.
    My fear is that I might be able to loose this weight again, but would I keep it off, which is why Iam considering the surgery, as I have no energy or fight left.
    I have told my fella that I have asked for the referal and I know hes not keen, and thinks its a weakness in me, hes also afraid it will mean that we cant do things, like lots of walking and swimming , but from what I read I will have it in abundance once the first few months are out the way.
    The big question for me is can I survive long enough to have the surgery, without completely loosing it.


    Well done that is often the hardest bit !! I don’t regret mine I am 6 months post op .


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    Hi Penny

    I can only offer my congratulation that you’ve taken the first step, if you need a chat let me know and we can arrange to meet, I’m just a stone’s throw from Dover and pass through it on my way home every evening so there is no need for you to feel alone or lonely, we may not have a support group in the area, which I’m working on, but we have got each other and I will Private message my phone number so please feel free to call if you have any questions.

    Fingers crossed, I think we’re in the PCT so hopefully you’ll get a positive response.

    Take care and a big hug coming your way.



    Hi Penny,
    Hang in there girl, just keep postive and as my other half says look at the bigger picture when you get the funding and I mean when and not if because even if you don’t get it this time just keep pushing for it don’t give up this is your chance to get your life back. You are not taking the easy way out far from it, it is a big decission and I know for me the best one I have ever made and my other half didn’t realise how hard it was going to be before and after the op and as he says now if anyone ever says to him that I took the easy way out to lose weight he will thump them lol as they have not seen what I have been through when I have eaten (and still now when I have a reaction) something that doesn’t agree with me the pain I am in. As for not being able to do things after the op it is the complete opposite he will have trouble keeping up with you with all the excess energy you will have, I can’t seem to sit still for to long now and I go to the gym which I never did before, I have my life back plus so much more and you will get that to so chin up you will get there.
    Elaine xx

    ruby tuesday

    Penny, I completely understand how you feel, and admire you for motivating yourself enough to look at wls as an option, doing anything is hard when you are depressed. The only thing I will say, is you need to be pretty upbeat if your surgery goes ahead, in order to cope with the changes, and if it is not something you are already doing, perhaps you could consider asking your gp for some therapy, or contacting Relate, who offer counselling and it is not only for marriage problems? Obviously, only you know your circumstances, so forgive me if this seems too forward, but you will find surgeons will not operate if you are severly depressed, because people can become depressed post-op as they deal with pain, recovery, and of course changes in their eating habits, and no one wants to push a human past the point of endurance. Before everyone writes posts saying they were on anti-depressants and still had surgery, so was I, but there are different levels of depression, and I found although mine was mild, I still had to pay (my op was private) to see a psychologist for her positive report on me, before my surgeon would agree to operate! Also, like you, I was undecided right up to the night before the op, wondering if I should just be capable of loosing the weight myself, so you may find you do keep wavering! I can say now that I am very glad to have lost all that weight, keen to loose some more, and actually can eat anything, including chocolate sometimes, but I do have a predominantly very healthy diet, and feel healthy. xx


    Hi penny, may I also add my congratulations at taking the first big step.

    Is there a wls support group near you that you could attend? I’m sure the others would agree with me that being part of a supportive, friendly and knowledgable group would be a good start in learning to both mix with and trust people again. Support groups offer advice, friendship and help at absolutely every point in your wls journey: even if you ultimately choose not to go ahead. There is no judgment as we are all in the same boat. Please keep in touch.

    Doodah x


    Good for you as people have said it’s a first important step on the road, I have to admit that it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I dont regret it one bit and I am ever indebt to Shaw for his help through completing the operation. My wife is also delighted by the new me and would not change the new me one bit. It is not the “easy way out” as it takes dedication to change your state of mind and thought processes the operation helps to back this up with it’s restrictions.

    The future post op will mean that you have lots of opportunity to do all of those things when you have the extra energy and zest for life.

    All my support and good luck for the process



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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