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Archive: Milestones of 2010

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    Wow Jo – you’re doing great! How are you getting on with your band so far? I had another fill on Tuesday. Nothing to worry about hun, it takes 5 mins at most and then it’s a good idea to sit in the waiting area and have a glass of water just to make sure it goes down fine.



    Three and a half stone LOSTED Jok, thats
    Congratulations twinkle…

    Good to see you posting, was worried you were being a bit too quite and we cant have that can we???lol.

    Unlike other diets, that weight should be gone forever….. wahhoooooooo

    Buzz xx


    1) – Bypass 5th November 20009 (remember remember !)

    2) – 5 stone 12lbs lost and gone from size 22/24 to 14

    Life is good and I feel fantastic
    Great to hear how everyone is doing



    Wow, Jok, thats some weight loss girlie!!! Well done you 🙂
    Jan you must feel fantastic, nearly 6 stone!
    Although I am now post op, (4 days lol) not ready to start posting yet, advised to leave it for a while because you normally put on at first because of the fluid pumped into you! I don’t want to weigh and get disappointed!
    Well done everyone

    Ms Jainney

    I love this thread…. just confirms my decision

    WELL DONE everyone!!!!!!

    you are all amazing!!!

    x x x


    1. 12th May 2010 – RNY

    2. 3st 5lb (includes 20lb pre-op diet loss)

    Have had lots of fun and games since my op and have been pretty immobile (not bypass related I must add) but I still can’t stop looking at that in amazement. Feeling very perky now and get back some of my old bounce.


    Hi folks, as promised just keeping you up to date with my progress. Arrived at the unit as instructed at 7.30am dreading that I might have a long wait but I was in luck and was called first. So the nurses were rushing around processing me ready for the aneathesis and surgeon to chat with me. They decided that as I had only had surgery in February that the best way to proceed would be by doing it by spinal tap. So by 9am I am in the theatre prep room having a needle in my spine, it took about 40 mins and then wide awake I was wheeled into theatre for my knee replacement. What a weird sensation that was I could ‘feel’ and hear what he was doing but didn’t feel any pain. I remember him drilling and hammering and pulling me about into some strange positions but they must have then decided to put me to sleep because the next thing I know it is about 10.40am and I am in recovery about to be brought down to my room.

    So I am immobilised at the moment with a cast on my right leg waiting for the physio ladies to come and take off the cast and get me moving. It is very, very painful despite the morphine pump and I have had an uncomfortable night. It should be slightly more comfortable when they take the cast off, so the nurse tells me because the leg has swelled up inside the cast which is causing the pain. But movement will also be painful – at least that will be a more constructive pain though and I will finally be on the road to full recovery. I’m a bit nervous but basically can’t wait to get out of this bed.

    That’s about it for now, I’ll add a bit tomorrow.

    Thanks for the concern and support I have received, you lot really are like family.

    love Ruth xxx


    Hi Ruth, wishing you a speedy recovery. Look forward to your further posts.


    Hi Ruff.
    What a star you are… always so cheery and bright.
    I squirmed as you said the spinal thing and hammering and drilling…. Ewwwww
    Not sure I would have handled that….. PUT ME OUT PLEASE lol…

    So, its going to take a little time, you need to recover before moving onto the next one, then the hips… your going bionic……

    A true superhero.

    Take care, recover well…

    Buzz xx


    Hi Ruth, your poor pickle, ……. hope the pain eases for you soon, how fantastic is your life going to be now, huge weight loss, new knee, you will be the life and soul of the party before you know it, up dancing the night away. Isn’t it great when you can look into the future knowing how much better its going to be, knowing that everything you do now is so worthwhile in the end. We are brave creatures 🙂

    Keep us posted on your progress, it will soon all be a distant memory.
    Precious 🙂


    Awww Ruth!!!!

    My word you really are a brave sausage….I felt very faint reading that and then again reading Buzz’s post lol…I do pain quite well…but yeah ewwwwww.

    I am sure the relief of having the cast off will be massive for you and wish you the speediest of recoveries! But for now I shall return the favour and land upon you a massive Lolli {{{{{{HUGGLE}}}}}}} Be sure to let us know how you are, when you can, hope you get a better night tonight too!

    Loll xx


    Hi Ruth,

    Glad its all over and your on the road to recovery, you are such a brave lady, i do admire you!
    Thanks for your email, looking forward to seeing you again at the next meeting too.
    Lets hope the pain eases when the cast comes off, sounds like this op is so much more intense than our gastric bypass ops.

    So glad you changed your profile picture you look fab, so sorry i didn’t recognize you at the meet
    you look so different from your old picture, you look fab!!!

    Take care and let us know how your getting on.

    Lots of Love Jacquie xxxxxxx

    Ms Ellie

    Awww ruth hope you are feeling much better now with your knee take it easy girl and no running!!!!


    Ouch Ruth,
    Thanks for posting about your knee.
    I need two new knees and this was one of the reasons I am having WLS. I don’t know which I am most exicited about WL or new knees.
    I try to have all surgery without general anesthetic because I am not very good with it. But the bypass will have to be done with a general and I am not looking forward to it. I am so ill with it. I am allergic to a lot of drugs, so I think i will be a challenge.

    Lindy Loo


    Lindy, You will be in such good hands, they take every precaution possible at streamline. Anti sickness drugs, antibiotics, you name it they give it to you whilst you are asleep, they will do everything in there power to make you feel comfy. But hey look on the positive side, afterwards, you will have such a fantastic life to look forward to!! Its a funny feeling, imagining yourself as a ‘slim’ person, I still can’t get my head round it, and can’t imagine me ever being slim, but I know its coming!!!

    Keep smiling xxxx 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 279 total)
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