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Archive: Milestones of 2010

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    1. 10th November 2010

    2. 6st 1lb

    Had Gastric band, not bypass – am VERY VERY lucky that I got good restriction so early on :D:D


    Bypass : 12th September 2009

    Weight Loss to date : 70lbs
    (Stalled at 3 months????)

    Enjoying the initial weight loss and realising I need to make more effort.
    Diabetes, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure all good..(Reason for surgery)

    Any weight loss for me is a bonus, just happy to have all the related conditions under control for the first time in years…

    Buzz xx


    Thats fantastic everyone …… inspires me soooo much! Well I have been on the milk diet 1 day and lost 4lb so thats a little start for me :):):):)
    Looking forward to reading more!

    monkey girl

    1. Bypass 14th May 2008

    2. 9 stones, now size 12 and the new way of eating has become second nature.

    Keep going on the milk diet, I was dreading it but I didn’t cheat once, even though it was my daughters 18th birthday right in the middle of it. It gets easier as you go along but I was absoloutly exhausted by the end.
    Good Luck !


    Well done Monkey girl … you must feel fantastic! I was told if I don’t stick to the milk diet then its likely I will wake up with tubes, thats a deterrent if ever there was one!! The thought of a tube down my throat terrifies me!! There is no way I will consider cheating, day 2 is nearly over now!. Just wish I could have 2 oxo drinks, in stead of 1 …. I do look forward to that!

    Thank you


    1. Bypass 15th April 2010

    2. Just over 3 stone lost!!

    Feeling great, a little tired but feel so much better, its only been such a short time so tiredness
    will be a issue i,ve been told, having a 8 year old on half term doesn’t help lol

    Good luck to everyone with their ops coming up, it is really worth it !


    Day 7 is almost over for me and i actually do believe that its getting easier!!!!!! Am swimming further and the house has never been so tidy, am slowly crossing all the jobs off my “to do before my op” list and certainly seem to have more energy, i guess that says an awful lot about what im was eating before hand…keep up the good work every one xxxx


    1.Bypass 4th Feb 2010

    2. 5 stone 4 ilbs

    Weight wise I feel great. Unfortunately the drastic weight loss has given me problems with my gall bladder (possibly gallstones) so thats been a downer.

    I found the milk diet quite easy – I even miss my 4 pints of s.s. milk a day now – couldn’t drink that much if I tried!!!


    Hi Precious
    I am just over 4 weeks post bypass and have lost a stone and a half:)
    You are now on the first step to the losers side of life xxxxxx
    Diane x


    So glad I started this thread ….. so inspiring to say the least …. well done everyone!! 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your gallstones spikey ….. I know how that feels, I had my gallbladder out about 12 years ago now ….. they are so so painful!!! poor you 🙁

    take it easy


    Well done Cheeky thats great!! …. I’m not finding milk diet to bad so far … hoping I get your energy soon Dizzy lol .. 5 days left to go on it!!


    Good to here milk diet s going well.
    Fiona. x

    Kinky Bowel

    1. Gastric bypass op on the 14th April 2010. The day before Jacquie (blooming well done on your weight loss Jac). We had a real laugh in the bay, she had me laughing so much.

    2. Weight loss post op as of yesterday (had post op appt.) 2 1/2 stone but total weight loss including milk diet weight loss is a total of 3 1/2 stone.

    Haven’t been very mobile because of a back problem but that is getting better as i have discovered i can walk a little further than pre op. So now hopefully i can be a bit more mobile and lose more weight. Win Win situation lol 🙂


    1. Gastric bypass march 20th 2010

    2.. Weight loss (as of post op appointment may 4th) 4 stone 6 pounds

    The weight loss includes the milk diet, & I don’t weigh myself between appointments at the loxwood centre, so I’m hoping the total has improved!! Will know when I have my appointment with the dietician in a couple of weeks.

    What a great thread, it’s so good to hear so much success has been achieved.


    Wow …. gets better every day!! Congrats to eveyone … keep us posted on your updates xxx 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 279 total)
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