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Archive: Milestones of 2010

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    @Buzz 7501 wrote:

    Andy huney, Your post and goals are ALL POSITIVE ( and acheivable) so their you go….
    Well done…… you ARE more positive allready without realising…
    Now I’m off to check for adult stabalisers or a trike? lol…..awwww bless

    You will acheive miracles….

    Thanks Buzz, am trying to be more positive, if you find adult stabalisers let me know lol & a nice gel saddle would be good as well, now i’ve lost weight my bum’s a bit boney, hey never thought i’d say that !

    pink lady

    My goals are:
    1. To feel fitter and healthier
    2. not get so tired
    3. Go Horse riding (a big goal).
    4. Wear nice clothes
    5. Walk more rather than use wheelchair.
    6. Go swimming and gym and be able to go without support and not struggle with personal care.
    7. Enjoy life.
    8. Go out more.
    9. Be more organised and have more time to myself instead of eating.
    10. Get to Hampshire support group and not get too tired so I can’t go. (Preferably before surgery).

    Love pinks


    Hi Guys :wave:

    Just wanted to share my great news!!!!

    This morning, I am wearing my size 16 jeans!!!! And I now weigh 14st 13lbs!!!! :whoo:

    I have been on a bit of a plateau for the last couple of months, but since I came back from my holiday last week, I have lost 5lbs already!!! :high5: So it looks like my plateau is over… all it took was 2 weeks in the sun, eating too much, drinking too much, swimming lots, walking lots and relaxing.

    Anyway, I am off on yet another business trip on Sunday… 3 days in Munich then straight onto Krakow again for a week and a bit…. will be back on the 3rd. By the time I come back, I will have spent less than 4 weeks in the UK in the last 3 months! What a jetset life I lead :rockon:

    Take care and lots of love to you all.


    Oh, and I just realised, only anither 4lbs to go and I will have lost 100lbs since my op… only another 1 BMI point and I will only be overweight…. Can’t wait!!!!!



    Well done Claire…. you are the little traveler arnt you lol…
    Relaxing is so very important, a well deserved breather…..

    Watching your journey is so very encouraging, your doing great.

    BMI makes me laugh, its so unrealistic…. You have to be a matchstick to be anywhere near normal…
    You only have to see some of the press releases recently….

    I’m off to check mine now…lol…… bet im not normal….ha ah aa

    Buzz x


    @Buzz 7556 wrote:

    bet im not normal….ha ah aa

    Buzz x

    You think????? 😉 lol



    well done claire x


    Whoopee Claire! You are doing so, so well and the news about coming out of the plateau is so encouraging for all of us. The weight-loss does slow down and sometimes seemingly stop but then can miraculously restart. I’ve had a heavy week of birthday parties (3!) and another big restaurant occasion tomorrow so am delighted to still be the same. However, I think it’s time to say hello to the pool and treadmill again! Let’s get together in September after all your travels you jet-setter you! Carol x


    Thanks Mandy xxx

    Carol – thanks too… yes that’s what happened with me… plateaued for ages then went on holiday without a great deal of restriction fully expecting to come back to a few lbs gain, yet I had stayed still… back home for a week and it’s coming off again 🙂 Obviously fooled my metabolism for a while longer… mix it up a bit is the advice I keep seeing and I must say, it seems to work! Definitely up for getting together when I get back… will email you on my return xxx


    :whoo: Claire…well done, hun…I can’t wait for that feeling myself – you go girrrrrrrl!! 😀

    Ms Ellie

    Excellent news Claire well done you…..


    Well done – it is fantastic to be overweight isn’t it !!! Everyone at work thought I was mad getting so excited when that happened but after years of being morbidly obese then obese it was a whole new experience. Keep up the good work xx

    Ms Ellie

    Fantastic thread Mandy as Precious said too many at the moment will have a good think and will come back and post well done chuck xxx


    That is amazing. I hope that will be me someday….x


    Amazing – well done, you must be delighted! When we drop down into the next stones bracket it’s a fab feeling!!!

    Well done Claire!


Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 279 total)
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