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Archive: Milestones of 2010

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    Surgery ( Bypass ) 19/04/10
    Surgeon Mr Shaw Somers. :hail:
    Location Clementine Harrow.
    Weight loss :drum: 17kgs up until the last weigh on the 25th of June.
    Best :decision: I have made.


    Just wanted to say that as of today i have lost 9 stone since my heaviest before surgery, i am really thrilled.

    Went out last night to my managers leaving party and there was another manager there who had already left. He came up to me at the end of the evening and said how good i looked, and that i was stunning. Not much to say to that is there :eyebrows:

    Don’t think we praise ourselves enough, so this is me giving myself a big clap on the back with a big hug.


    Id pat you on the back if I thought it wouldnt hurt you…. not soo much padding anymore….
    9 Stone is like OMG …….. I know people who weight that much….. little people…
    What an achiever…….. what an insperation.

    I hope you have some celebrations in order ( not the chocolate variety)

    Well done Andy, truley amazing….

    Buzz xxxx


    Andy congratulations on your 9st weight loss :whoo: certainly something to give yourself a clap on the back for what an inspiration to the rest of us.
    Here’s a hug from me :hug: well done.

    Sue xx


    :jaw: 9 stone! WOW WOW WOW …… May I present you with :first: for doing so fan-dabby-dozy, well done and you celebrate with a ….. errrrr ….. some ……. a nice …. errrrr …. plate of lettuce ????? 😆

    xxxxprecious xxx


    Thanks Buzz & Sue, no celebrations planned yet, but going on a cruise with my Mum & Sis soon for Mum’s 60th so a bit of retail therapy needed before hand, and Dad has promised me he’s going to help out with the clothes, so should be fun. I think monsoon is calling!


    Andy, well done, another person lost from your body.

    Lindy Loo


    Well done Andy congrats on your fantastic weight loss. I agree we do not praise ourselves enough.
    I am sure you will have a great time on cruise and enjoy the retail therapy too!!

    Your have done fantastic do not forget it :kiss: xx


    Andy well done that is fantasic how long has it taken you to loose this much it wow it just goes to show we are winner’s of that illness and will not be beaten. I hope you enjoy your cruise i’m also going on a cruise in September for my wedding anniversary around the med and can’t wait. Again huge pat on the back.


    Toni Russo


    Well done you.

    Ms Ellie

    Absolutely Brilliant!!! well done you xxxx


    Hi Cazza & all, thanks for the support. I have lost 7st 10.5lbs since op on 2nd Nov 2009, and 1st 3.5lbs pre op probably since mid October 2009, so adding all up 9 st in 8.5 months.


    Hi Andy,
    That is superb – so much weight in such a short time. You must be feeling fantastic and so much more confident.
    Great news – I’m jealous but getting there !!
    JR xx


    According to my reconning this must be post 500…. a milestone in itself LOL…
    Seems I have a little too much time on my hands….

    Can we make it a thousand by christmas????

    NO DOOUBT ABOUT IT… if I am good at one thing its chatting to my bestest online getting thin family…

    Buzz xxx:lalala::clap2::cheer2::humble:


    Fantastic Buzz you are a sweetie :kiss:

Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 279 total)
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