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Archive: Milestones of 2010

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    hi dietician this morning.

    ive lost half a stone since 21st december

    she said i was doing fine . xx


    Sounds like you are doing really well Mandy…did you go under that wonderful stone marker that you so wanted?
    I see dietician later today and hope I’ve lost about the same amount as you – what a wonderful thing to lose weight over Christmas and New Year!


    thanks carol
    unfortenutly i didnt go under no xx


    Bet you do next time though!


    thanks darling. been very bad today hardly eaten or drunk just upset today. xxx hope your well


    Mandy, I have days like that but weight loss isn’t something guaranteed ie: that you’ll lose loads in a month, there will be times you’ll only lose a couple of pounds then the next month you’ll lose a stone and a half. So many of my WLS friends have become scales concious. Obviously I was weighed at pre-op, then I was weighed on op day. After my op, I wanted to weigh myself when the start of foods begun (even though they said I shouldn’t as it does not give a good reflection) but I wanted to to see how my body works, I’d put on 5kgs just using the saline drip!!!! Due to my wound seeping slightly after 5 days away from hospital I took the opportunity to weigh myself at GP, was pleasantly surprised. Now I made the point to myself not to keep weighing myself, the next time I see the scales will be at my 6 week check up. I know I’m losing weight as I seem to have dropped a couple of sizes 6XL to 4XL in a month. Chin up hun you’ll be fine-AND your doing great! xx Any weightloss is good! 🙂


    hi dave
    thankyou mate. it was lovely to read that this morning. scales obssessed is very true and internet obssessed. until today now im going to start the rest of my life. not stuck on i nternet all day worrying myself but getting back on that bike. lost a lot from op and im gonna start being proud of that. youve done great by the way well done xx


    Hi Mandy, here’s a big forum hug! It was so sad reading this morning how depressed you were yesterday but it has certainly made me rethink things today. Dave is right it is so easy to become obssessed with the scales. Weight loss isn’t linear and peculiar and individual to each and every one of us. I realise now that it doesn’t really matter what the digital display on my scales say its how I feel and one movement in either direction can make or break my day. At the weekend I am sorry to say I shouted at my son for moving the scales in the bathroom because I thought it would affect the accuracy of them. So stupid! So I am going to join Dave and only get on the scales once a month (on the anniversary date of my op). That way my clothes alone will tell me how well I am doing (for afterall that’s why I wanted to lose weight in the first place to look better, live longer and feel better – NOT see some mystical figure on a pair of scales). Just remembered too that a good friend has her weigh-in today, 12 months after surgery, and she has only been weighed about 7 times in total and never does it herself in between – the joy and surprise she gives everyone when she knows and reveals her new weight bring such happiness to all of her friends but most of all to herself.


    I just wanted to say that today I hit a new milestone in acheiving a total weight loss of just over 8 stone since pre-op on 11th September today. I would just like to thank Mr Slater and his team for helping me make this milestone.

    Ms Ellie

    Wow! that is excellent Tobysdad I bet your dead chuffed with your fantastic weightloss.


    well done, that is fantastic! What an achievement 🙂 Another inspiration for me, I’m amazed at the losses I have heard about x


    Well done .. 🙂


    well done mark xx


    That’s wonderful.You deserve your success.Many thanks to the team for working together with you.
    5 weeks today. I feel better than I did already. I used to look at people the weight I’d like to be and nothing happened, now I know I’m going to be one of them without doubt. Something just clicked when I had my consultation with Mr Somers. It was like as if he believed it so I have permission to as well.Hope you know what I mean. My pre-op is 7/4 Chichester.
    Wishing you all a great weekend and that all your dreams will come true.


    Just seen my date for my X factor Auditions..
    Saturday 1st May in London…

    This is something I would not have considered a year ago. Not because of my voice because of my weight…….

    Wish me Luck..

    Buzz xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 279 total)
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