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    hellooooo everyone so im thinking summers coming and the bbq’s are hopefully gonna start happening(yes i know im not allowed the food bbq’d lol) how ever by then il be allowed some wine so they recommend which wine is the best with out gettin any horrid side effects?? or wat alcohol can everyone drink without the dumping side of it will be good to know as i have some weddings coming up also xx


    hi i havent had a alcoholic drink since op rather spend my calories on FOOd LOL
    to be fair never been a drinker anyway.
    hopefully someone will be along to advise you
    love julie x


    Hi Pompey, Everything in moderation and tried for the first time will set you up for what is right and wrong.
    I know a few who enjoy wine, I have becomme a little adventorous 16 months out and can do spirits occasionally.
    Not really a drinker, just watch what your consumming it will take so much less than before as it is virtually strainght into the blood stream….

    ALl the best

    Buzz x


    thanks for the replies still not sure on what really to drink if i was to have some but trial and error i spose sure it’ll b a learning process 🙂 and a fun one hehehe x


    I manage a glass of red wine occassionally 2. I have also had Mailbou and pineapple both have been fine. I haven’t “dumped” at all I even had a Bucks Fizz at Christmas. As long as you remember that 1 will be more than enough.
    Enjoy trying.


    be very careful as if you are post bypass-we just cant tolerate alcohol in the same way we could before our insides were “replumbed’-the odd GLASS of red wine is actually beneficial but once the sugar gets into your blood stream you get drunk feelings VERY VERY Quickly and can become very ill
    On another note you have to be VERY CAREFUL AND AWARE not to ‘transfer addicitions” which is quite common in former food addicts who post surgery find they cant eat much but can sip wine a lot!!!
    I am a member of a group where this has happened to a few people and as a direct result their weight losses have stalled and even stopped all together as in the end all alcohol IS just empty calories!
    This can be one of those ”lifestyle” changes that is hard to explain to pre or early post op patients.


    I see someone asked a similar question a few months ago but got only a few replies (from non drinkers) so I am wondering if you can help. The advice in my literature and verbally is a bit confusing. Elaine George said simply don’t drink but Mr Somers said to me in hospital ‘you’ll find you’re very cheap as half a glass of wine and you’re merry’. I am 3.5 weeks post bypass and doing well. I have been to a wedding an stuck to still water and have just returned from a city break and a party and have stuck to water and tomato juice but would really like to try a small glass of very dry white wine. I’m not a big drinker but it would be nice on special occasions and we have more weddings and things coming up. I thought I’d try at home in case of a bad reaction but I wonder when others tried and how they reacted? Thank you.


    Good question as I was wondering the same, I know you can drink but you only need a very small amount to get merry so you are a cheap date. I like you are going to try at home first to see how I get on but I do know that there are post op’s that do enjoy the odd glass.
    Elaine x



    Same here I have 3 weddings this year and a holiday and would like perhaps half a glass of drink to enjoy the occasion so I also would like to know more about it help is needed here!



    A little can make you merry quickly, the downside is the effects tend to wear off quickly too….leaving temptation to have some more…just remember one phrase which will hopefully keep you on the ‘straight & narrow’


    There is no benefit to your dietry needs in alcohol!

    Hope this helps


    I think the odd glass of wine on special occasions is totally acceptable but Streamliner is right, it is empty calories with absolutely no nutritional benefit. I have alcohol at weddings (lots of toasting!) and maybe a small amount at Christmas but apart from that, I don’t bother as I hate the dehydating factor. So, it’s not all doom and gloom: just common sense really.
    The main problem with (too much) alcohol is that it can lessen your resolve to overeat or eat the wrong foods. In that sense, for ME personally, it’s not worth it unless it’s a very special occasion x

    Doodah x


    I am not a drinker at all I just have it on occasions like weddings etc so glad to know I can have a few sips on my sisters wedding day to toast them 🙂 Im guessing wine is the only thing that is ok for us???

    Emily xx



    I had a glass of wine at my neices 30th birthday party exactly 1 week post op. I didn’t enjoy it at all, but I do still have the odd glass of wine. Streamliner is spot on it is EMPTY CALORIES. There are times you just don’t want to explain yourself so it’s easier to have wine. I had a Tia Maria in my coffee last week. I made it so there really wasn’t much in it.


    Okay thanks and understood, I am happy to keep it for special occasions but is it safe for instance when going to a very smart birthday party in one week when I will be 4.5 weeks post op to have a single glass of wine and make it last all evening? Perhaps I will have a small glass at home tomorrow night to see how I react, just don’t want to try the first time in public in case it does not suit me……


    There is something to do with the way out intestines have been re routed (so to speak) and the malabsorbtion of Alcohol
    only a little goes directly into your bloodstream now but also it wears off very quickly.One of the ladies in my group who was never much of a drinker pre bypass can now drink an entire bottle of wine and half a bottle of brandy before she goes to bed and feel okay burt cant stop she describes the feeling as just craving more and she needs more to get the same effect as like i said it wears off quickly.
    There is a huge amount of research going on at the moment on ”tranference of addictions” from food to alcohol-especially in previous low or non drinkers( as they were pre surgery)
    this is very worrying
    what I am trying to say is sure an odd glass AFTER YOUR FIRST YEAR is okay
    but it can so easily escalate due to the changes in your system and the malabsorbtion effect of this surgery on our new intestines- please ,please don’t think I am being a ”kill joy” but this is way too serious a topic and not enough is known about it yet.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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