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Advice – Gastric Band

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    Hi All

    I haven’t posted much at all on here but have constantly been reading up on all your helpful and supportive discussions.

    I had my band fitted on the 10th October. Two weeks after my operation I went for a check up and I had lost 18 lbs. I was so happy with this & knew I had made the correct choice having the band done.

    My first band fill was booked in for six weeks after my operation. This will be done next Saturday the 17th. So I currently have a 14 ml band that has not been filled at all yet.

    I have been so good with what I have been eating but suddenly in the last three days I have found myself being able to eat more than I expected I could. It has made me worry that this isn’t going to work at all.

    I know it sounds silly but I just hope some of you can advice me about this from your own experience.


    Shane X


    I had my band on 7th November so I’m not due for my first fill until 20th dec. I was advised that as I start to heal my appetite will return, possibly back to what it was before my band by the time I’m due for my fill, that’s why they wait. I’m sure many people on here who are further down the line will be able to give better advice, but as I keep reading on here – trust your band to do its job! 🙂


    Hi both,

    Restriction is not a straight forward thing, everyday is kind if different. I have had my band now for over a year. I found during the year that my apetite has come and gone and when it returns to near normal I have to have a fill. Anatomically u change as you loose weight, I am sure this has something to do with this. Also in the last few months my weight loss has really slowed, and think this is done to my body adapting to less calories so have had to step up the exercise, 5.5 stone down in a year not bad still 2 to go and I will be truly happy, with an ideal
    BMI when I can fit medium close I will jump for joy. Overall in my experience it’s a gradual thing with the band not as dramatic as bypassees but we get there in the end.



    Hi Shaun,

    I had my band fitted on 5th October! After that day I had no restriction until I had my fill on 2nd November!
    I could eat normal things and a normal amount, if I let myself BUT, we need to work with it, it’s not gonna do it all for us!
    I’m now a wk post first fill and I’m finding a few foods stick such as banana, ryvita among other things, so I’m stearing clear of those! However again I feel I could eat anything I want and however much I want, but I can’t let myself, I’m in this to beat the buldge and I won’t be beaten!
    My surgeon has said that they only fill slightly every 2-3 weeks to let your body adjust and find your ‘sweet spot’. I’ve lost 2 stone so far and I’m happy to loose it slowly!
    Don’t get disheartened it will happen for you, like above let your band do its job!!!!


    Thank you all for the responses. It really does help.

    My first band fill is going to be this Saturday. Then I am booked for two weeks after. By the sound of it I need to wait until its being filled to get the benefits.

    Just so hard not knowing what’s going on & then starting to think negative.

    However I now feel positive that this is going to work & I can do this.

    Thanks again



    Sorry for getting your name wrong lol x


    Haha that’s ok. It could have been worse and u called me Sharon lol XX


    Funny u should say that, I get called Sharon a lot lol x


    Hi Shane

    Im a bypasser so I’m not as well placed to advise you about how you should be expecting to feel. However, the one thing we ALL have in common is our (Current or previously) distorted relationship with food!

    If it were me, I would treat the next two weeks before the fill exactly like the milk diet – a preparation for the real thing. We all prove to ourselves that we have the resolve when we stick to the liver shrinkage diet, so we should feel proud that we have that much determination.

    I’m glad you are feeling positive again. In my very humble opinion, THAT is 80% of the battle done.

    Doodah x

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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