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96% of my excess weight gone so far.

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    I’ve just calculated that I have lost 212lbs which is 96% of my starting weight. With my excess skin removed, I will have lost 100%. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? Where does 15/16st go? (well, we all know that really!)

    I could not have done it with out the support of friends and family. In the future, I know my support group buddies will keep me focused and comforted when I have corrective surgery. And you know the best thing? Absolutely no judgment or jealousy.

    I’m just as delighted to see my buddies reach their goals as they are to see me reach mine. We are a team and as we all know, ‘There’s no ‘I”.. in that word.

    Thanks to everyone who has made this possible for me starting with the man himself, SHAW SOMERS. The whole team at Chichester and all of Streamline Surgical. xxx

    Doodah x


    Hello Doodah and everyone else who’s on here today

    I read this and thought of you all and how we need this support that Doodah has mentioned so much…

    ‘I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.’

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me since March 2010 when I first found this site.

    Well done Doodah on your amazing result. I think you look just PERFECT and you are an inspiration to us all how you’ve turned your life around. Take a bow!

    Bye Madeleine (Renn)


    Congrations doodah, your hard work and committment has certainly paid off. I’m only just starting my journey, and hope i can be JUST half as successful as you, it would change my life.

    Well done.


    How fantastic !!


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    Well done Doodah, such lovely words. You have done so well!! As you know just starting my journey and still little overwhelmed by it all but look forward to success. Also you are often on here giving good advice THANK YOU!


    Wow. Well done doodah. You look FAB. When are you having corrective surgery? Good luck. It was meeting you that got me on my journey so a BIG THANK YOU XX

    Sent from my iPhone using WLS FORUM


    Thank you so much guys. Like I’ve said before, it’s a long old journey filled with highs and lows (‘easy fix’ my backside!) and I haven’t quite reached my destination yet. However, the friends I have made along the way has been the best, most unexpected and welcome bonus of wls.
    I owe my life to Shaw Somer and the team, so I repay them by trying to help other people on their journies. Hopefully, when I have had my skin done, I will be able to help regarding that too! If I don’t get funding, I’m going to finance it myself – a reward as I see it!!
    Life after wls is not perfect – which is perfectly normal and that’s all I ever hoped for.

    Doodah xxx



    What about these fish tanks that the fish eat your dead skin from your feet,,, so if they will let you jump in for a few minutes…. Just a thought …. Lol

    I was thinking about the skin…. Although mine seems not to bad at the moment, might be the amount of swimming I’m doing?

    Love John xxxx


    Exercise can help but I think that it is a fact of sometimes the elasticity of the skin is just poor. Seems to be pot luck!


    John, I look like a deflated balloon in the corner left over from a party haha! But hey, I’m here!!


    You are the prettiest balloon I know. Your smile brightens up the room. I wish you every success in getting funding for the corrective surgery.


    Thanks Pietre. I meet all the criteria but they will try to worm their way out of it (NHS) they always do.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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