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    Well thanks for the interest. It has been an incredible journey I must say. I lost an enormous amount of weight, and in the process I found my “Better Half” by that I mean I lost half of my size, and that revealed the best half of me. It allowed me to be whole. Self awareness is the hardest, yet the most rewarding work you will ever do. I had had a open incision gastric bypass, the recovery is much longer with that method, but then again we are talking about 9 years ago. I began at 378 lbs and I am 5’8; I was 33 at the time. I lost down to 175 lbs, and would have been much lighter had I been able to have some reconstructive surgery done. In the states our private insurance is a mess at best, and I simply did not have the $65,000 needed to have these procedures. Over all I have done well, and find it fulfilling to help others who are either just beginning this journey,and/or might be struggling with some of the issues we find culturally, and in relationships. I maintained my weight with a 10 lb gain/loss for most of the 9 years, until I broke my back last year. My inability to move about as I once did has caused me to put on a few more pounds (I am struggling with this some.) The procedure, and hard work that required after changed my life in every way ( all for the good) So please share your stories, questions, insights, observations as I too am still learning. [ATTACH=CONFIG]603[/ATTACH]
    Thank You,


    Welcome and THANK You! We so rarely see posts from long term post-oppers so it is wonderful to read your story. Sorry about your back, are you feeling better now?

    To hear that you have pretty well maintained for that whole time will be reassurring to many of us on here who do worry about longer term maintenance and regain.

    I look forwards to getting to know you.



    Hi Pamela and thank you for finding us over the waters…..
    Have been a frequent visitor to other sites mainly USA and Canada based as their was relitively little here in the UK so I understand the process is quite different.
    Your an old timer…wahoooooo. I have not heard of anyone being so long out so YES it is an amazing and exciting post that will comfort a lot…
    Finding the time to pop online with your new life is sometimes a miracle in itself…

    Just wanted to say welcome initially, congratulations on your sucess and that we would love to hear your stories and adventure as we build bonds with our over the seas comrades…

    Hopefully their is some resolve to your back condition…. fingers crossed…

    Adventure on to Slimfinity and Beyond….

    Buzz ( Andy in Bognor Regis – South Coast UK )


    What a wonderdul story, ty so much for sharing.

    Wishing you well.


    Hi Pamela, thanks so much for sharing your experiences and we would love to hear more. I am a 13 month post bypass patient and need to hear about experiences further down the road. I’m also looking to work a bit more on a uk/usa link so your input would be invaluable…I’m interested as to why you have come to a uk site…does your usa one not deliver in some way or do you just want to help others? You don’t have to answer…you’re welcome anyway Carol x


    Welcome Pamela ,
    Thank you for sharing I am only 3 months post-op so hearing how you have managed to maintain your weight loss over 9 years is truly inspiring. So sorry to hear about your broken back. I hope it is now giving you less of a problem than it did and you can get to a level of mobility that suits you.
    Wow 9 years that really was pioneering surgery then you must have felt quite nervous?

    Love and Hugs xx


    Hi Pamela and welcome to our fab group of losers and losers to be.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    we look forward to your contributions.


    This has been so wonderfully reassuring to me-wonderful to hear from someone 9 years out
    I am 26 months out but tragically simply stopped losing at 9 months post op and I still have over 100lbs to lose
    but after reading your insiring post i will keep on keeping on lol!!!
    hope your back heals soon
    godbless you


    SJ: Thanks you SJ!! Part of what has helped me weed through all the changes that occur during our life’s changes is talking about it. If any of my insights or experiences can help someone else it enables me to stay focused. Their are soo many things that happen during the transformation things that frankly can be some what confusing having an outlet to discuss them with individuals who have experienced is the only way find perspective. Ask me anything…I am sure I will learn myself.


    Buzz: What a lovely greeting Buzz, and thank you. As you know when we first began this journey the enormity of the questions, and yearning desire to speak to someone who is open and honest in their answers is invaluable to success. You seem more of that today, 9 years ago it you kind of had to figure it out on your own. Please ask me anything you might think of, and I am sure I will learn myself. I love people, and the thought of helping others in the same position in some small way.


    Stacy: Thank you Stacey!! The path to finding your “Better Half” has been the most rewarding work I have ever done. I love forward to sharing and learning more.


    Stilltryingsohard: Plateaus are very disheartening…but DON’T GIVE UP…It took an incredible amount of courage to do this..nobody ever said it was a cure all, it is a tool. Considering you had the courage to even have the procedure speaks volumes about your character… you can do this… it might take come creativity to jump start the lose again, and I will make any suggestions I can to help you over this hurdle. It isn’t defeat…it is simply a challenge… you are UP TO IT.


    Pinkdancer: Thank you so much for the welcome, I look forward to learning and contributing.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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