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4 days Post Op

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am 4 days post op, staying with Mum getting over my surgery. I am feeling fantastic on the whole. A little sore and windy (:-/ ) But ok.

    I am finding night times difficult. I get into bed and am restless and my mind starts wandering. I have had a few, OMG there is no going back now, moments. And have been more that a little fearful. Has anyone else felt like this? Last night I got up and re read my Gastric Bypass book.

    I think I am scared because my tummy is still a bit sore. I do not feel hungry at all, not even at meal times. I feel nauseous when there are other food smells in the house and I know I am not eating enough, as I cannot seem to eat when it is time. Is this normal for a few days out?

    Now it is day time I feel upbeat and ready to take everything in my stride.

    Answers on a postcard would be great.:) Otherwise on here will do. xx


    Everything you wrote I think I felt too !

    Soreness will ease to tenderness in time !

    Keep your fluids up as a must I didn’t and got bunged up and that really was uncomfortable , eating right after surgery seems like a chore but in time it becomes ‘ normal ‘ again I am 5 ish months post op I am not triggered by hunger to eat but feel a bit light headed ! .

    Katherine. X

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    Just seen your other post none of this good for 4 days post op ! Sorry !

    Soya milk ? With w bix ?


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    Hi Honey

    Congrats on your op, but rest assured this is normal, I felt extremely nausous when ever I smelt food, I felt so sorry for my hubby, he had done soup in ice cube trays for me the week before so there was something in post op that I could eat and I couldnt stand the smell of it after my op, he ended up throwing it away after a few failed attempts to get me to eat it, thank goodness he was so understanding. Keep your fluids up, do you have carol’s book, it’s very good for advice in the first two weeks, and beyond but I found the first couple of weeks was difficult but it does get better.

    As for the night time, if you have those moments there’s usually someone on here that’s feeling the same, don’t suffer in silence we’re here for you. Nothing to be fearful about, what your feeling in natural we’ve all been there it’s a huge step that you’ve taken and your allowed a few wobbles but hey, think about the rest of your life that you’ve just got back, the wobbles will disappear as you settle and you get more comfortable with your eating and food intake.

    Take care honey and don’t forget we’re all here for you, so matter what time.

    Lots of love


    Thanks for all of your messages. I am feeling great the last 48 hours. The nausea has past and I am less sore.

    I have found a few foods that seem to be more palatable.
    100 ml V8 veg juice as a snack
    Home made soup with lentils
    Chick pea mash with lemon juice and garlic

    Meat is a bit of a turn off at the mo so I am trying to make up my protein with pulses.

    Also wanted to ask if my portion sizes are right I am having 2 tblsp at breakfast lunch and dinner. This is made up of 1 tblsp of veg 1 tblsp protein. It is a tiny amount in the bottom of the ramekin dish once puréed. This evening for the first time I felt hungry but I had not had any snacks just the three meals.

    Be great to hear what u all think

    Lisa x

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    You are doing brilliantly. Bang on target. Every single emotion you are describing is so familiar too! Trust the surgery and go with the flow. We are all individuals and nothing is written in stone. Just keep sipping water (helps with the nausea) and don’t try to rush your progress. I stayed on soups for 8 weeks! I go back to that even now if I’m having a few off days. You are making great choices food-wise and you know that, even though you feel despondent at night, everything seems a lot less daunting during the day. That is entirely normal too.

    Keep up the good work honey 😉

    Doodah x

    ruby tuesday

    You are doing well, and it is normal to feel a bit down after surgery as we are sore, have been through a huge upheaval internally, and have to get used to a new way of eating that initially feels restrictive, but a few months down the line when you can eat a wide variety of foods and feel thinner and healthier, it is all worth it, so be kind to yourself. Rest, take it easy, try not to worry too much if you don’t do well with something you eat, just try it again later, and keep drinking, you will be fine. xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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