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2 days since bypass

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    Hi all

    Just thought I’d post that I have now had my bypass this week!! Feeling good so far, a little comfused over what I should be eating right now tho! The nurse did kindly explain yesterday but I was so tired I didn’t really take it all in and unfortunatly no body was there with me at the time so all help gratefully recieved!


    Gayle X

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there gayle congratulations on successfully having your bypass. Ooohh and welcome to the losers bench!!! At this stage A very small amounts of pureed foods (you probably can’t manage much) soups, pureed veg, low fat yoghurts, mashed potatoes try adding some grated cheese to your soup, pureed fruit, try to vary your food so you won’t get bored. A little weetabix is good for brekki!!

    Good luck much love Ellie xx

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Gayle, so glad you have checked in to let us know how you are! Glad all went well, take care of yourself and let your body bounce back. xx


    If you are still in hospital you will be given a list of suggested foods on discharge. If not, well I think it may be an idea to ring your unit and a diet sheet…. but just blend or liquify everything for the first week or so. I made lots of soups out of veg. Home made smoothies are good too – my favourite is milk with fresh raspberries and half a banana. Natural yougurt with fruit stirred in is useful too. After a couple of weeks you can move on to things like houmous but each unit is different so do ask them to repeat the advice they gave when you were sleepy. I had a problem and dumping on blended unsweetend tinned mandarins so go gently on tinned fruit even unsweetened though some people are fine with it. You may manage mashed potato quite soon too. Anyway that was my experience but we are all different. I can eat most stuff now though haven’t tried red meat unminced or anything sweet yet. Best wishes, Fee (4.5 weeks post bypass).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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