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2 days post-op Gastric Band…… and advice needed

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    Hi there, I am 2days post op and wanted to ask some questions……there isn’t that much in my pack which really goes into how you may feel after your op
    1)I know there should be some shoulder pain due to the gas but can this be in your back and travel round your stomach area too?

    2) Is it normal to not want to eat, yet feel sick also?
    3) I have been up pottering around, the day after, is this too soon, could I damage myself or the band etc…..

    I am not sure what to expect or what I sHould or shouldn’t be doing really….. Can anyone help……

    feeling more rough today, I have to say :help:


    all sounds normal to me Sam ! … had my band in jan this year…so fairly fresh in my mind .. its good to walk around, helps alleviate wind and prevent post – op complications…. i also felt nauseous, make sure your fluid input is adequate, the discomfort only lasts for a few days… bet you cant wait for ur mash and gravy !!
    take care
    Pauline x


    Thanks Pauline, It’s scary when you don’t know….I will make sure fluids keep going down. have been quite mobile but didn’t know if I was over doing it as it was only day one yesterday. Have no appetite at the moment but think I will soon. Thanks. So much for your response…..:)


    Hi had my 5 months now, sound normal to me, thought I would be back at work within a week but took 2 weeks off in thee d as was pretty sore for the first week. This I think this the hardest time but short lived, afterwards you will find it all settles down, I don’t have any trapped wind at all, just restriction and feeling full earlier which is what u want!!

    Keep in there



    Thanks Paul, I have to say I am feeling a lot better today, still sore but starting to move around and more mobile now. Like Pauline said best to start getting active to try and get the trapped gas out. I am encouraged by what you have said, thanks 🙂



    Hi sam
    Sounds like you are making good progress, just dont push it too much. I can say i was pretty much back to normal duties ( driving, washing, housework etc etc ) from day 5/6 onwards. But everyone is different, so you know your own body.

    I never felt hungry, so i was having soups etc etc, just because i was told to do so, but this will change over the coming weeks. And as for going to the toilet, it was 2 weeks before i went, so if you can take something before it gets uncomfortable this may help.

    Keep in touch


    Thanks Heidi, much appreciated, am doing better today, doing bits then resting, managed some ready break today as think I was weak because I wasn’t eating……
    it’s all in the learning ….

    Thanks Heidi 🙂


    Hi Sam

    Do take it easy after all you have had surgery… The wind pain was the worst for me it lasted about 4/5 days… I learned to burp which helped the pain…. Drink plenty of water that helped me to stop feeling sick…… I was completely of food for several weeks and had to keep reminding myself to eat…. I’m 7 months post band op have lost 6.5 stone…. Since pre op diet. …. I eat very little but enough of the correct foods like fresh fish.. My dinner plate is a saucer…. No regrets but might have a slight problem which I’m back to see the quack on Friday at harrow… Keep going Sam and well done on your operation and a fantastic journey

    Love John xxxx


    Oh sam, i’m nearly 5 months on……. And i’m still learning, 🙂 dont be put off later down the line, what works one day, may not work the next.

    Heidi. X


    Thanks John, that’s just what I needed to hear, I thinkour minds do run away with us a bit as you just never know what expect and never ever had an op before…..
    That’s a great weight loss and knew I hope to follow as I am so strong willed now……when you have waited so long it’s like all your Christmases have come atone

    Thanks John I hope everything is Ok when you go on Friday….

    Cheers Sam


    Yes it’s all a very long learning game to see what your band likes and doesn’t lol….Thanks for your info as it’s been a great help, and for evie too.

    Thanks Heidi

    Sam x


    Hi Sam how are u feeling now has things eased a bit, just to let u know that don’t be surprised if ur weight loss goes in fits and starts I am not sure if other bandsters have this experience but it’s certainly true for me, I find some weeks I drop 2-3 pounds others none, ur body adjusts to ur new portions so it can seem strange, just been threw a little spurt hopefully this will last nearly at 5 stone mark now, have been this light on the past do have the odd bit if clothes that fit. Am really hoping to break a barrier and have a normal BMI which would be amazing as I am nearly 40 an haven’t been a normal weight since I was 12!!!!



    My friend is a bandster of just over a year out and he thought he was on the longest plateau known to man when he hadn’t had a significant loss for a few months. So, he went along to see our new dietician at the Sudbury clinic and hey presto, he lost 5.5lbs the following week. It was all about portion control (again) and not eating the same things over and over again. I sometimes think our bodies get ‘bored’ and, therefore, introducing new foods gives it something to work on!! Not very clever or clinical I know but I think it is the case for me. I suppose it never does any harm to keep trying new things that are healthy and nutritionally sound. I only started eating olives post op!!

    Doodah x


    Yes. Guess that’s a true thing as I have never ate or liked ready break but hey, post op have had it and like it……amazing…..
    Thanks Doodah….


    Hi Paul, thanks for contacting me. I am feeling a lot better band wise, utnhave terrible pains in my kidney area, which I and my doc seems to be me being a bit dehydrated.:( I have not been able to drink as much as I did post op but working on it. I really do hop you manage the break that barrier and reach your normal BMI, I know what you feel like as I have been over weight since I was 10 🙁
    Amazingly I have just turned 40 and felt that it was my time to restart my life……40 is the new 20 lol…… Good luck, keep meposted and thanks again 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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