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1 week after my band op

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    1 week post op i have lost 1 stone in weight is this ok or am i not eating enough
    I have 1 shake for breakie then cup a soup for dinner then a shake for tea i have a mullers yogurt for super plus drinks through the day hot and cold i also eat fruit lollies is this ok on the first 2 week after op and can i eat ice cream too.

    The only pain i have is where the port hole is still a bit sore

    Does anyone know where i can get chewable vitamins for adults not kids the only place i found them was amazon but there £18.99 plus p+p

    best regards adam

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Adam, answered your ‘shout’ in box too, not sure if you are in the Uk as your diet is not what I would expect it to be over here? Usually people are given a list of foods they can eat on discharge from hospital, which goes up to several months post-op, and is mushy foods from discharge, in order to get the nutrition in. I would expect your weight loss to be slower with a band, and you do not say if you did the two week milk diet pre-op, which does often given a loss of a stone? If you have lost a stone since the op however, I would say it sounds like you may not be eating enough, and would need to return to your surgery provider for advice. Was it Streamline? I don’t see any meals mentioned, and don’t know people unless they are in the US who are told to have shakes, so am not sure what you have been advised to eat?

    ruby tuesday

    Soup would be best to be home made, well-blended, or as natural as possible, ie. Covent Garden Soups, no nutrition in fruit lollies just sugar, and sugar in Muller yoghurt, as there is in ice-cream, so try to stay away from these or you will reduce your chance of loosing weight! The only calcuim tablets which have no other added vitamins are on prescription only, and I assume you are taking a daily vitamin tablet which is the advice post-op, and probably more important at this stage? None of the chewable ones are high enough calcium, so I recommend you see your GP for advice there.


    Hello ruby thanks for the reply. I am in the uk (buckinghamshire) i had the band fitted at bromsgroves in a private hospital
    My 2 weeks pre op i was told to eat chicken or white fish with green veg to shrink my liver and eggs
    my 4 weeks post op i have been told to eat fluids for the first 2 weeks then mushy foods blended
    They told me to drink slimfast shakes , cupasoup, low fat yogurt, water, only for the first 2 weeks
    Then mushy foods for the next 2 weeks.
    I am due for my 1st fill on the 27.jan 2012
    As you can see i was never on the milk diet pre op
    I have lost 1 stone in 7 days post op
    I lost nothing on the pre op diet (fish and chicken)

    Best regards adam

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Adam, wow, drastically different diet to myself and others, so can’t offer advice at all, but you will get more variety as you move on to the mushy part of your diet. No idea any uk clinic recommended slimfast, and Streamline do put customers on a 2 week milk diet unless allergic. Well done on the weight loss, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.


    Hi Adam.

    I was on milk diet for a week to Shrink the liver… It helps he surgeon to work on the fitting of the band.

    A stone in one week is amazing, I have had good weight loss but a stone in a week is wow….. My diet sheet did mention slimfast shakes and I did get on with them… I still have a slim fast shake and snack bar when I’m working away from the office. I have had three fills so far and the restriction at the moment is just right , if I eat fast of over the top I’m straight in the loo and brining it up. I have list 6 stone since mid July, I work out every day lot of swimming running and just started using weights. I’m not thinking of another fill until my I start to think bout food or my intake starts to increase but I have good control over my intake and eat an healthy option. I have been to several Xmas meals which was a big test. I took the low fat option each time but never could I finish the plate

    Take care and keep getting the weight off

    Love John cxxxxxx


    Hi Adam,
    I used boots chewable multivitamin for the first few weeks it does not have iron so you do need to change once on mushy to a normal multivit with iron. It helped me, I have seen slimfast as an option although i did not use it. I made my own soup and then moved onto covent garden soups which are great.


    Thanks for all your replies
    regards adam


    Hello Adam! Was your op with Dr El Hasani? I did the same pre op diet and lost a stone. My op was on the 11th December and since then I’ve lost another 9 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race! I’m eating similar things but do have solids. Mashed fish pie, mashed potato and scrambled eggs.

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    Hello sally, yes that was my surgen
    I only lost 4 pounds on that pre op diet (chicken and fish) but i have lost a stone since my op 10 days agos. I move onto mushy foods this friday for two weeks and my first fill is 27.01.12 at the london clinic.

    kind regards adam


    Hi Adam

    You can get Liquid vitamins and minerals on prescription from your GP. Well done on a fabulous weight loss. Keep it up and keep in touch

    Doodah x

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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