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article-2045202-0E423CF700000578-117_306x423.jpg article-2045202-0E42642500000578-430_306x423.jpg
Karen lost 10st 12lb

Karen Sheppard, 50, lives in Brighton, East Sussex, and works for the city council. She had a gastric bypass in November 2009.
Weight before: 23st 4lb; dress size 30.
Weight now: 12st 6lb; dress size 14-16.
My sister Lesley (right) and my 18-year-old daughter have had gastric bypass surgery too. I funded my daughter’s surgery because I didn’t want her to spend her adult life worrying about her weight or end up being ill. I lost 11st on the Lighter Life food replacement diet in 2005 but put it back on when I began to eat normally. Even with a bypass, you can gain weight if you ‘graze’ and stretch your gastric pouch. Now I eat well and exercise twice a week. When I step out of the gym, I feel great.

article-2045202-0E423DFF00000578-986_306x423.jpg article-2045202-0E42642500000578-164_306x423.jpg
Lesley lost 12st 10lb

Lesley Fulker, 47, is a home-care support worker and lives in Brighton. She had a gastric bypass in May 2010.

Weight before: 29st 8lb; dress size 32.
Weight after: 16st 12lb; dress size 22.
I didn’t want my sister Karen to have the surgery because I didn’t want to lose her on the operating table. Then I realised that if I didn’t do it as well, my weight was going to kill me. It has made such a difference to my life. I’m going on my first holiday abroad – before, it was too humiliating to think
I might not fit in the aeroplane seat. Now I go clubbing every week, which my friends think is hilarious, but I’m catching up, doing all the things I should have been doing in my 20s. I feel that no one can stop me now and my life won’t have been wasted.

How the weight-loss methods work

A restrictive device fitted around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pouch that fills up quickly when you eat, with a narrow opening so food passes slowly into the lower part of the stomach. You eat less because you feel full sooner. Reversible.


A complex operation that makes your stomach smaller and shortens the length of your small intestine, so that food bypasses most of your stomach and part of your small intestine. You eat less and your body absorbs fewer calories. Irreversible.


A procedure that removes 85 per cent of the stomach so that it becomes a tube or ‘sleeve’ shape – functioning normally but with a smaller capacity. Less traumatic than a bypass because it doesn’t involve ‘rerouting’ or ‘reconnecting’ the intestines. Irreversible

Source: On the gastric bandwagon: Is this the weight-loss option of the future? | Mail Online

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