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Re: Yoga or Pilates?

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@katy 22665 wrote:

I have a back injury from 16 years of nursing. I’m due to have surgery this year but I find Pilates such a brilliant class for improving core stability. I have not done any since my op 4 weeks ago but as soon as I get the all clear to exercise that is what I will be doing. I also love swimming and aqua classes all of which are fantastic low impact aerobic exercise. Pilates can also be done at home. I have a DVD but also know that you can get it for the wii fit. I’m thinking of buying kinect for my Xbox so I can get my heart rate up with some of the games (assuming my back will cope!) otherwise I have been to a few classes which are great and also fun.
I’m not sure about yoga but my sister swears by it (the bikram version!)
Any way I’ll stop rattling in now, goud luck with the milk diet
Katy x

Hi Katy…Thanks for the reply – I dont have an xbox, but I was considering it…hmmm or wii…but then again ive got a gym membership and think getting out of my flat at least 2-3 times a week will do me good…as Im a bit Agoraphobic.

They do yoga and pilates at my gym…so sod it, im gonna have to try both to see which is best for me, and my illnesses.

Im also considering doing aquafit -as i saw most of the women who do it, are big girls, so I dont feel awkward going…

You live local to me dont you? Im in Lewes….

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