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Re: Yipee im back ;)

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Hi all thanks for you positive feed back!!….I have to say I love reading all the ups and downs on here, its so reasurring when I have a bit of a wobble…..mostly a mental wobble!!……….

I would assume ur right doodah on soup been slider food that’s what the dietician said if I remember rightly!!

I was once a size 24 about 10 years ago then I went down to a size 8 about 7 years ago but seriously looking back think that I was bordering anorexia because the feelings I had at the time where strange!!! Although I was a size 8 I didn’t see that when I looked in the mirror!! And last year I put 3 stone on taking me up to a tight size 18 hence why I choose to fund the gastric band because I didn’t want to go back up to a size 24!!!!!
I have come to the conclusion I hate food because my life just seems to revolve around it!!
Although I know I’m not as big as some people and don’t suffer any real core mobidites been over weight makes me feel unworthy!!

Pauline you have done marvelous hun…..I hope and pray that I am saying the same in 10 months time 😉

I am having special k for breakfast, a wrap for lunch with either chicken an light mayo with cucumber and lettuce, or tuna mayo, and for tea I’m having meat and veg served on a small plate, with gravy but no Yorkshire puds!!, although tonight I have had gammon, beans, 6 chips and a fried egg( chips where done in an actifry with 1 cal spray and the egg was done in spray)… and occasionally have a bag of monster munch ;)………and am still tortured mentally that I’m eating as I should be???

I feel like a right moaning sod tonight but I think its the 2lb weight gain that is torturing me lol…….

Lisa xxx

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