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Re: Xray

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Thank goodness…..went to Worcester to have my band x rayed and all is ok nothing is out of place and there is no pouching, I just have to make a fresh start to remove the 3 stone I have put on so iv taken myself off to a corner given myself a small slap and gave myself a good talking to I must no longer abuse my band with foods I can eat but know I shouldn’t , I paid a lot of money 8years ago to have the band then more for a tummy tuck where they removed 3 kilos of excess skin so to allow myself to put on is ridiculous but I have been fat all my life and know I’m only human and we all get blips i’n life but onwards and upwards or should I say downwards. I’m going to try not to weigh myself I think that adds pressure I’m just going to go by how I feel and how my clothes are
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend
Midge xx

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