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Re: Worried dirty smoker!

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Hi Sarah
I had my bypass just over 4 weeks ago at st Richards. I found it impossible to give up smoking while I was on the pre op diet. When I spoke to the nurses at my pre op they suggested cutting down but understood that I would struggle giving up completely as I was giving up so many other things (food, alcohol etc)
I didn’t smoke while I was in hospital and to be honest I really didn’t feel like it but I did have one when I got home. I am still smoking now but considerably less than I was pre op and I have got an electric cigarette primed and ready!
There are downsides to smoking in that you do cough post op which can be uncomfortable and smoking slows healing and puts you at greater risk of ulceration in your newly formed pouch and can cause the anastomosis to break down apart from the additional risks of heart disease, cancer etc. My advice would always be to give up (I am a nurse) but being a smoker I also understand how bloody difficult it is.
If you can really cut down before the op it would really help your recovery and reduce your anaesthesia risk but I’m sure that as long as you are honest with your anaesthetist (this is really important) I don’t think this should stop your surgery. Every hospital is different but at St Richards they were fully aware that I was still smoking and my op went ahead.
I really hope everything goes well for you, I know how long and hard they wait is but I am a month post op and 4.5 stones lighter and doing great. It isn’t easy but the rewards are there every time you look in the mirror and see a different person looking back at you!! I already know that I WILL give up smoking this year. I have undergone surgery to lengthen my life expectancy and I am certainly not going to jeopardise this by continuing to smoke.
I hope this is helpful, please keep us posted with your progress, everyone on here us 100% behind you
Katy x

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