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Day 12 of the pre-op detox. The first week flew by and I found it soooo easy. Day 9 landed and it started to get challenging.

Day 9: felt hungry for the first time. Three pints of milk and a litre of water later, the feeling finally went away.

Day 10: bear with sore head entered building … Had my milk in the morning and flashes of roast dinners and sandwiches appeared in front of me. There was a constant stream of food in the office at work (two lots of cakes, 3 lots of buffet food left over from meetings, people filing out to the snack truck and vending machines, people eating what they’d brought in from home. Keep it coming, why don’t you … lol. There are at least 2 people with colds in my department. Every time one of them coughed or sneezed it set my nerves on end. Go away with your germs, I don’t want them! Not this close to op day.

Day 11: really wasn’t feeling it yesterday. I had a thyroid blood test (ugh, needles!). After that I spent the rest of the day feeling slightly headachy, intermittently light headed and had a funny feeling in my throat. Not sore but not right either.

Today I’m gargling like it is going out of fashion. Whatever it takes, I am fighting like stink to make sure that op happens on Tuesday.

I’m still winning with the diet. No cheating, no nothing. I got on the scales on Wednesday and had lost 11.5lbs since the pre-op assessment on 30th March.

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