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@treeza 32696 wrote:

Chris you’ve done so well. Isn’t it great when you start doing all the thinks your weight stopped you from doing. I feel like I’ve been reborn!
I can’t weight to be overweight & not obese!!! Still have a little way to go but seen as I was super obese x
I LOVE hear these stories x

They really brighten up the day don’t they Treeza? It’s one of the things I love about my job. If not the main one! hearing all you lovely people celebrating being able to do things that you couldn’t before wls. Even the really small and seemingly insignificant things like putting on socks, painting toenails, crossing legs or even not having to check out the seating somewhere to see if we can fit! I’m six years out and I still feel great about them!

So, please don’t ever stop sharing these things guys – you will inspire others more than you could possibly know. Some people come to this forum just to read. For whatever reason, they don’t participate but, they get comfort, support and inspiration form you all. I know this to be true as i hear it via private messages 😉

Keep sharing all your good news folks! We all need a little more positivity in our lives – and it is contagious!

Doodah x

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