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Re: WHY is life sooooo cruel?

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You can always take your PCT to court for a judicial review. This is what I’m doing and hope it might help others in future if I win the case. There aren’t many solicitors who will take this kind of thing on and even less insurance companies who will cover you but I have found one and haven’t had to pay a penny. No win No fee jobbie. The case is being heard on 21st October 2010 so fingers crossed. The BBC have been covering my story so here’s a link for you to see. Just hope this will give some of you a glimmer of hope when your PCT’s have their own agenda’s which are nothing like the NICE guidelines. I don’t want to sound a know it all because I’m not but I’ve been fighting my PCT for the last 2 1/2 years so there isn’t much I don’t know about how to handle them. They are all a load of bureaucratic idiots who wouldn’t know obesity if it hit them. Did you know that they don’t generally have anyone on the pannel who specialises in obesity? It’s just made up of the odd GP here and there, managers and you might be lucky to have a nurse as well. Nobody who can really make an informed decission on peoples lives.

I’m happy to help anyone who needs it.


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