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Re: Why do i feel so sad?

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Andy dumpling,
Emotions….. they are a bugger sometimes, sad for no reason is to be a little expected.
It such a relief to get through surgery and seeing the first results to make sure were not the one it wont work for…

I went a but manic for a spell around 3 months out, I was snappy and rude.
Told my senior manager to shove the works christmas pressents and was quite out of order, all for no reason just very emotional…..
Thing is hun, you see it, or feel it so discussing it should help…
Can you focus on anything in particular that makes you feel sad?u make the changes to avoid them…

It is emotinal, its pretty natural, just talk, explain and be sure to ask for plenty of hugs and understanding….

Hope you figure this out, realising their is something not quite perfect should have you looking into why it might be.

Hopefully talking about it and realising your not alone will help…

Pick yourself up…. ireland will be awesome…….
I hear its very beautiful

Take care

Buzz xxx
finding what gets to you will let yo

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