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Re: Why do i feel so sad?

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Thanks for all the positive comments. I am lucky that i really love my job, although i don’t like working for the NHS. I think a lot of you are right, the last year has been a rollercoaster of emotions, and i think i’m all emotioned out. I try and turn to food still then think oh bother (or words to that effect) i can’t eat that or do that, and food has always been my coping mechansim. I’m afraid of losing the plot altogether and the weight going back on, so feel flat, then miserable and turn into a horrible monster who shouts at her family, which makes me feel worse.

I was on antidepressants a few years ago, and said i would never go back on them, but maybe i should speak to my Dr & see what she thinks. When i think logically i am really lucky, and should’nt have anything to be down about. I have a loving hubby who is very proud of me, two lovely kids (although one is a teenager) a good job friends & family who care. I do have moments when i feel really proud, but i still don’t see a thinner person, but i suppose theres that in all of us, its a shame they can’t do brain or emtion bypass’s when they do the wls, it would make life so much easier.

I’m on leave for the next couple of weeks, so i’m going to take some me time, and think about what i want, and why i feel like this, because the only person to sort this out is me, and i haven’t been though all this to end up an emotional disaster who nobody whats to be around.

Anyway thanks for all supporting me, you are a great bunch, and i’m sorry i didn’t get to speak to all of you last Saturday, hopefully at Xmas i won’t be as shy.

Andy X

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