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Re: Why do i feel so sad?

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How horrible to be feeling so low at the moment. The other people posting seem to have some ideas that may assist, I find sunlight (can be difficult to find I know, even in the summer) helpful, dividing the task of getting up when feeling low into segments, such as out from under duvet, let dog out, feed dog, put washing on, bathroom, dress etc makes it seem less daunting, and then I can mentally ‘tick off’ the steps I have achieved, and this can make me feel better. I also find walking helpful, I have a dog which helps, although as 3 weeks post-op I cannot walk our 30kg ultra-fit dog (how I envy the dog!) at present as she pulls on occasions (sighting of cats or rabbits usually) and at present I cannot quite manage that bit too well, but I will be able to soon.
Friday is my ‘tricky’ day some weeks as I have the structure of a work day Mon-Thurs (and I really like my job which helps a lot), and Saturday and Sunday the two of us are home. I sometimes deliberately make dentist or other appts for Friday morning so I have to get going and organised, which is one of my ‘coping’ strategies. These things are terribly individual, but from all our ideas hopefully you might find something helpful.
Do hope you feel able to go next week, and that the weather holds for you all.

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