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Hi Mark,

Glad to hear you did so well initially, but at the same time equally as sorry your having so many problems.
Considering wha has happened its no wonder some weight might have crept back on so please dont dispair quite yet.
Have you asked about a referal back to St Richards? I am not sure what they can offer other than knowing why you might be having the movements you do and trying to offer dietry advice.
I seem to be in the same boat but thankfully not gaining… I was statoinary at about month 4 after rapid weight loss and some 14 months later managed to loose about 2 stone ( 8 in total )
I am content where I am, but fear as portions get bigger so might I.
I can tolerate sugars and the things I really shouldn’t. Emotional eating does not go away so its important you find a happy place and a happy crowd to encourage you.

Their is a “five day pouch test” our colleagues in the States and Canada use, you can search it on google. It has helped lots understand how their pouch might have stretched and what ammounts they can consume, this is sometimes enough to encourage some to reduce their intake again.

It’s scarey none the less, that the further we get from surgery the harder it might be to maintain… Perhaps its something we could work on together….

The cramps and loose movements usually happen to me for mis behaving or cheating….. needless to say I have been having these symtoms for over a year….. often wondered why it happens and if its normal….. and been meaning to check it out.
Would appriciate any feedabck if you persue it….. I will of course do the same….

Wanna work as a team? Do something together……???
Feeling we both need to concentrate more being well out of the honeymoon period….

As I said buddy, dont despair, it leads to turning to foods…. Old habbits die hard….

Talk to me……


Andy aka Buzz

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