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Re: When will i feel restriction? Lose weight

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@natalieyoung 28207 wrote:

Thanks Doodah. Feeling more positive as I know if this fill does not get me where I need to go I can get another. I feel like this may be a marathon and not a sprint but hey as long as its in the right direction I don’t mind

You are absolutely correct to think that weight loss with a band is a marathon and not a sprint like it is with a bypass or sleeve. BUT, the important thing is that we all get to the finishing line in the end. It’s also like the marathon for bandsters in that you still get the winners medal, it’s just that it’s for 26 miles and not 15,000 metres!

You will get there. We are all here to help and encourage you. The time when we need each other the most is when things are not going so well. So please come along and let us know how you are doing. If we don’t know we can’t help and support you.

We also LOVE hearing about your victories and milestones. I personally gave myself small goals to achieve so that when I reached them, I was in a positive frame of mind to go on to the next one. My goals were split into chunks of 5 stone that I had to repeat three times. My first five stone loss was one of the best moments of my life. I can’t wait to hear all about yours! Also, give yourself a realistic goal. I could be 2st lighter and still not be underweight but I am totally happy with how I am weight and size wise now.

Keep going, stay positive (but cry on our shoulders when you have bad days (because they will happen)) and be kind to yourself.

Doodah x

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