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Re: When to stop?

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@jabbajabba 32067 wrote:

When did you guys decide to stop trying to lose and go for maintenence?

I seem to have stopped losing at around a BMI of 29-30.

For a while I was trying to push it down to 25 but after a few months of not losing realised the frustration of not losing was more likely to result in gaining so have decided to stick with where Im at.

I look great (even if I say so :pound: ), feel great and a couple of stone wont change that meerly change a number. Ive lost 74% of my EBW which, from what Ive read, is above average with a band (i think the quoted is 47.5%). So screw it, dont get me wrong Im not going to be massively badly behaved, just try not to obsess about it anymore.

The slightly complicating factor is I’d like some plastics but I’ve heard that they wont go there if your BMI is over 27, anyone had their bits done at slightly higher?


Hi Jabbajabba

I LOVE this post. You are so positive and upbeat it is refreshing and delightful.

Shaw Somers said to me ages ago: ‘Sue, what can you do with a BMI of 25 that you can’t with one of 26?’ Wise words right? You look and feel great and are not unhealthy. What’s to stress about?

If you go privately with your plastics, Your BMI shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I lost 7lbs after my tummy tuck so your excess skin is probably determining your BMI somewhat. I’m not sure about the NHS route but I could probably find out. Funding is very, very limited though. I lost 15st and had massive excess skin and I didn’t qualify. So I sold my soul to my bank manager and self funded. I’m delighted with my results. So I would say go for it!! Reward all your hard work.

Doodah x

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