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Re: When did you start to achieve regular weight loss?

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@pgoldsmith 28338 wrote:

Hi Natalie,

Had a band 18 months, took me a lot of fills (about 8) to get restriction correct, as you loose weight your internal physiology changes so you need readjustments, have lost myself about 5 .5 stone over 18 months which is not too bad, on the cusp of a 29 BMI now but still would like to loose 2 stone to be spot on. I went private and got fills ever 6 weeks or so, until my band was tight enough. You know it’s tight when you look at something on a plate and go “that will not go down!” And when you eat too quick and it fills like your chest is tight, I have rushed food in the last and you need to make yourself sick to relieve the pressure! I am not sure other banisters get this but I also get a bit if mucus, after eating its as if I have a cold, and my throat is all flemmy, my guess is that the food is just trapped in your oesophageal tract and flem is produced to get rid of it.

I would go for more fills, if its too tight they can take some out at least you will understand what restriction really is


Great answer Paul. Thank you.

the ‘frothing’ in the mouth is exactly what you describe – its excessive salivation to make you get rid of what is stuck. Me and my friend call it ‘ectoplasm’ as that is more or less exactly the consistency! It’s a plug of mucous – vile eh? The only way to avoid it is to eat mindfully and chew chew chew.

Natalie, I’m guessing you need more adjustments. You should contact your team and see what they suggest. Weight loss with a band is quite a bit slower than with a bypass or sleeve so try not to compare yourself with them. However, a 2 stone loss in 6 months might feel too little. Better 2 lost than gained though right?

Doodah x

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