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Just a wee bit of advice from an old-timer! Be as honest as you possibly can when filling out the forms. It’s neither a test nor judgement but will enable the team to make certain that you are offered the right surgery for YOU.

We are all so different which is why there are different surgical options for the surgeons to recommend. I was never a volume eater (I’ve never finished a pizza or Indian take away in my life) but a high calorie, sweet-toothed sugar/carb junkie!! Hence me getting a bypass.

Like Katy said, don’t over think it. They are there to help you, not judge. It’s so refreshing to have a whole team doing their absolute best for you and treating you with respect, empathy and dignity. Not things us ‘fatties’ often get, sadly 🙁

In fact, the following link is about a discussion that was had on our Facebook page yesterday….

Doctors are ‘prejudiced’ against overweight patients (and men are worse than women) | Mail Online

Doodah x

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