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Re: What Is The Key To Successful Weight Loss?

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Hi Jemslaska

I’m three years post op and am still losing tiny little amounts. I’m at the goal I set for myself so I’m not really bothered if I lose anymore or not. I can only tell you how I did it. I have lost 15st (210 lbs, 95kgs.)

I followed the guidlines given to me by the dietician to the absolute letter. I never tried to run before I could walk in terms of moving on to the next stage. I methodically planned my meals, took my supplements, drank loads of water and exercised to the ability to which I was able at the various stages of weight loss I achieved. I didn’t beat myself up if I got it wrong occasionally and I rewarded myself with non-food treats like a massage, mini-break, clothes (of course!) and outings I couldn’t have considered before surgery (theatre/cinema.) I looked upon it as a job: that gave me the self-discipline I needed to get through it (the pay was improved health)

I hope these ramblings are helpful!!

Good luck and keep on keeping on….’Never give up, never surrender’ as the saying goes.

Doodah. xx

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