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Re: What exactly is the Milk Diet?

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Hi honey

The salty drink is quite important really. Do you think you could manage hot Marmite? It’s actually just like soup and you may be surprised at how much you will look forward to it if you have it at the end of the day because it is savoury like a dinner! Don’t forget to sip water throughout the day too to avoid the dreaded constipation. I still keep little bottles of water around the house and always have one in my handbag!

Milk should be semi skimmed. Decaf coffee is ok as are herbal teas. You can flavour your milk with any sugar free syrups. I will post the link here to the Bariatric Megastore – every wls person’s heaven. Also to Carol Ball’s excellent Bariatric cook books for fab post op recipes and guidance.. Two weeks is all it is. By sticking to it you will make your surgeon’s job so much easier with your much smaller liver 😉

We are all here to help and support you. I even come on here for an hour on Christmas and Boxing day as I know how hard it can be! You are right to be excited – the first day of the pre op diet is the actual first day of your healtheir, happier life. Woo Hoo! I love it!

Bariatrics megastore

Return to Slender, the UK’s first bariatric cookery book | Bariatric Cookery

Doodah x

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