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Re: What do I tell my 8yr old about my surgery???

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Hi Phoenix,

Its a natural process for our kids to worry, as young as they are they do remember.
Hospitals are for poorley people, the old and frail…..

Just remind her she was (if she was) born in a hospital, new life comes from these places too.
Its not all doom and gloom.
People get repaired,patched up, fixed and cured….
Its where we go when we need some medical attention, thats all…

Your going to be with the most proffesional in their feild, the experts and surgery will reward you with a much healthier and hopefully longer future… Its something you need to do to enjoy life with her and your husband to the fullest…

When you talk to her (and yes I think its important) dont do it all gloomy faced, but with some excitment in your voice, show her your not worried, show her that you want to have this operation. It will make her a lot more comfortable..
As long as she knows their will be a little recovery where your healing she will be ok I’m sure….

So she and Dad can make plans or lists for when you get home…. I expect at that age she loves making lists…..
Set them some things to do….. it will make them part of it all……

Approach it with a smile and I expect your worries will be over… I do hope so….

She is going to be so proud….. showing you off…..

With a smile hun, with a smile and calm reassuring words.

Buzz xx

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