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Re: What can you eat now?

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Hi Megan

You are right that different surgeries can require different diets so to speak.

I have had a bypass and I can now eat almost anything I want to apart from rice. I’m a vegetarian so meat/fish doesn’t concern me.

I can eat anything but it doesn’t mean I do! i give myself the odd treat at high days, holidays and weddings, parties etc. the same goes for alcohol. I have wine maybe 4 times a year. Alcohol can be problematic for bypassers as we get drunk very, very quickly! To the point that half a glass of wine can make you unfit to drive or operate machinery

Bandsters can eat anything they want to but have to chew it for ages (same as bypassers really) however, some foods can be more difficult than others. I’m sure one of our lovely band members will tell you better than I can.

Anyway, that’s me. Can eat very small portions of whatever I like. So long as 95% of the time I make sound nutritional choices, my weight remains constant.

Hope that is helpful

Doodah x

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