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Re: What a difference half a ml makes!!

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@natalieyoung 27001 wrote:

Ah Doodah glad you shared that hope it feels better to get it off your chest. You are an inspiration to people on here and everyone gets stressed and feels its hard to cope. Illness in your family is hard on everyone it emotionally and physically drains you and you find you put yourself on the back burner. Your daughter will be fine I know that you will miss her but I am sure you can visit and she will visit you. I am very close to my mother and I live an hours drive from her and its hard sometimes when I want to see her. You are a tough cookie and I am sure you will cope with whatever life throws at you sure haven’t you already! Hugs and kisses x x x xNatalie

Thanks for that Natalie, it means so much to have people to share our troubles with doesn’t it? My daughter will only move about 20 minutes away so it won’t be too bad except for the fact that I will be the only girl left in the house! Husband son and two male dogs – all stinky and wanting to be fed all the time haha! On the positive side, I will have somewhere to go when I can’t stand all the testosterone anymore!

Doodah x

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