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Re: What a difference half a ml makes!!

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It’s great to hear that you are happy with your jobs. I can tell you from experience that it makes a huge difference to how you feel about both yourself and life in general, especially after weight loss surgery. Being stressed (for whatever reason) is the first nightmare of anyone trying to get to a healthy weight no matter which method you use. Having a fulfilling career goes a long way to making sure you don’t focus on the negatives in life.

In fact, I am having a bit of a struggle myself at the moment – absolutely NOTHING to do with my job: it’s one of the bright spots. I’m struggling with bereavement, family ill health and the fact that my beloved daughter will be leaving home in the New Year! All things over which I have no control – and therein lies the problem I think. I can control what I eat and my own health to a certain degree, but I have none over death and illness with others. I guess we all just have to learn and accept that life is always as such and try even harder to make our own health a priority so that we are not the one our families are worried sick about.

Does that make any sense?! Sorry for rambling!! I didn’t expect that to all come tumbling out. It’s why I love this place so much – we can vent and not be judged 🙂

Doodah x

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